Phasmophobia Useful Information Guide and Tips & Tricks

Phasmophobia Useful Information Guide and Tips & Tricks 1 -
Phasmophobia Useful Information Guide and Tips & Tricks 1 -

All Information and Tips for All Ghost in Game.



If the hunting phase starts very early, e.g. after a short time after entering the building, it may mean that you are dealing with a Banshee. Pay attention to who the ghost attacked and whether it will happen again during the next phase of the hunt. If so, you can rest assured that the rest of the team is safe. You can use it to gain an advantage over the ghost and gather the necessary evidence.


If you are dealing with a demon you need to gather the necessary evidence as soon as possible. To cool down the demon’s urges, you should have a Crucifix and Smudge Sticks at hand. Sanity pills will come in handy, to quickly build up the Sanity of your character. If you want to use Ouija board the basic question should be: (where are you?).


You can quickly realize that you are dealing with a Jinn-type ghost when electrical devices around you are going crazy. Since the Jinn are territorial spirits, they may be more active when you stay in the haunted area for longer – in such cases, the hunting phase may occur much more frequently.


Since the Mare spirit is sensitive to light, make sure that the main rooms and escape routes are properly lit – turn on the top lights, throw lit lanterns on the ground, light candles. If you’re playing in a group, consider leaving one player near the fuse box to immediately restore power when the ghost turns it off.


Due to the fact that Oni become very active when hunters are in a group, you can quickly expose them and collect the necessary evidence of their presence.


If you suspect that you are dealing with a Phantom, start paying special attention to the Sanity level of the character – when it falls below 50% consider visiting the truck for a while to get some rest. It is also worth noting the fact that the Phantom can take the form of one of the players, but is not able to use objects, so his hands are always empty – pay attention to this.


You can easily realize that you are dealing with a Poltergeist when from the very beginning many objects around you have been moved or thrown, and doors are opening and closing too often (especially two doors at the same time). Interestingly, the Poltergeist is the only type of ghost that can be identified after only two key pieces of evidence: Fingerprints and Ghost Orb.


The best way to disorient a Revenant spirit is to quickly hide from it as soon as the hunting phase begins. The Revenant moves very fast when hunting its prey and in most cases you will not be able to escape from it.


If during the exploration of a building (especially in a group) you have difficulty detecting the ghost’s presence, it is very likely that you are dealing with a Shade. In such a situation, it is worth taking the necessary risk and leave one person in the haunted room in order to see if the ghost will appear.


If you realize that you are dealing with a Spirit, take Smudge Sticks with you, enter a room haunted by the spirit and ignite the item (the effect lasts for 15 seconds). Then move around the circle to catch the spirit at the required distance (6 meters).


If you suspect that you are dealing with a Wraith – type ghost, scatter Salt in narrow corridors, doors, and any escape routes to buy some time when escaping – this will force the ghost to stop the attack. Also be careful where you hide during the hunting phase, because the Wraith can see through doors, closets and cupboards – try to break his line of sight by hiding behind a solid wall.


When a character’s Sanity levels decline rapidly, it may mean that you are dealing with a Yurei-type spirit. In such a situation, it is definitely worth making sure that the rooms are well lit, in order to compensate for the decrease in Sanity levels. Sanity Pills will come in handy – they can quickly improve the Sanity levels of hunters. Using Smudge Sticks in the haunted room will keep Yurei from moving and attacking for a long time, making it easier to gather the necessary evidence.


The Hantu has a unique mechanic that we’ve almost completely forgotten about in Phasmophobia: temperature. When Phasmophobia first came out, it was easy to find the ghost’s room. Players would simply equip themselves with thermometers and find the room with the lowest temperature. However, finding the ghost room in Phasmophobia has changed since then. We’re making use of the parabolic microphone, the EMF reader, and our own ears.


Yokai are a specialized type of ghost, being one of the very few that will arrive even when the player has a higher level of sanity. They will arrive when players get to a sanity level as high as 80%. Making them similar to the Banshee. What makes them hard to deal with is that they are easily angered by conversation. Unlike most other ghosts, even conversations unrelated to the ghosts will anger them. Due to this, players should be careful not to talk much while they are in the Ghost Room without the proper Evidence needed to figure out which type of ghost they are dealing with. This makes them particularly difficult to deal with early on in the players’ investigation. The main pieces of evidence players need to collect to prove whether the ghost is a Yokai or something else are the Spirit Box, Ghost Writing, and Ghost Orb.


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