Phasmophobia EMF Levels Guide

Phasmophobia EMF Levels Guide 1 -
Phasmophobia EMF Levels Guide 1 -

Here are the different meanings to the level of EMF you get.
level 1: average level (just means you have it turned on… congratulations, I guess)
level 2: this occurs when the ghost interacts with anything, like opening a door or switching a light, even turning on a sink.
level 3: this occurs when the ghost throws an item or knocks it off a shelf
level 4: this one can be dangerous, it shows when the ghost manifests itself (becomes physical form) this can be danger and might include a hunt
level 5: as it may seem dangerous this one is not dangerous all the time. level five readings have a 25% chance to occur when any of the above levels are activated. (whether its a level 2 or level 4 it has a 25% chance to show level 5) which means you can mark this in your journal as evidence.
side notes: keep in mind that the EMF wont trigger from nothing. there has to be an interaction at the least. and after you get a level 5 reading it may still be worth keeping the reader to see if a ghost did something or if it was just an annoying teammate ghost buster.
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EMF guide

contains the meanings behind the different levels of the EMF reader. Please favorite or give a positive rating if this helped!

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