Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player

Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player 1 -
Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player 1 -
This guide aims to help all new players of the Phasmophobia game, especially the ones that will play it alone/solo.
Hopefully tutorial will cover all basic information that can help new players to become more experienced players.



In this tutorial we are going to cover several important things for all players that are starting this game. 
We gonna cover these topics: 
– What maps to pick 
– Starter items 
– How to find the ghost room 
– Taking pictures 
– Identify the ghost 
– Survive the hunting 
Tutorial is valid for game version: Stable build: 


If you wish to check out the video with this full guide, check the link bellow: 

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What maps to pick

Now the first thing that we need to do is to create Private Lobby, since we gonna play it Solo. 
Unless you have a friends that are willing to play this game with you, play initially this game in solo mode. 
Try avoiding Public Servers, due to the fact that people usually don’t like new and unexperienced players. 
You can be kicked out of the server, which is never a good sensation or even worse, people can troll you (and your goal is to learn the game). 
But if you insist that you want to play it in a company, try finding companions on official – 
On this map selection screen we are going to focus on small maps only. 
Maps to play: 
– Willow Street House 
– Tanglewood Street House 
– Edgefield Street House 
– Ridgeview Road House 
– Grafton Farmhouse 
– Bleasdale Farmhouse 
Maps to avoid are: 
– Brownstone High School 
– Prison 
– Asylum 
Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player 
A reason to play small maps are simply because, everything is condensed in a much smaller area, it will take you least amount of time to explore, find the ghost and to do all other things, including optional tasks if you choose so. 
Very important reason why to choose small maps is the fact that you are in actually racing against the time. 
More time you spend in the house, more sanity you are going to lose and that means the ghost will start hunting you. 
The ghost will start hunting usually when your sanity goes below 50 percent, although some ghost start hunting from 60 percent, but also there is one exception, Banshee can randomly attack at any given point. 
Also play the game at the Amateur level, since in this case you will have more time to investigate and hunts will last least amount of time, until you are at least confident enough to get to the Intermediate level. 

Starter items

These are your starter item: 
– EMF Reader 
– Flashlight 
– Photo Camera 
– UV Light 
– Video Camera 
– Spirit Box 
– Ghost Writing Book 
Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player 
These items you will have at the beginning of each new map you are going to start. 
This equipment is free, so even if you die, you will always have it and not lose any money. 
Due to this reason, I strongly suggest you use these items here until you get some idea how everything works and earn some money to buy more equipment. 
Keep in mind that even with these starter items, you have all tools that you need to identify the ghost. 

How to find the ghost room

Now that your game started, the first thing I would recommend is to listen to what is narrator saying. 
This information will be useless for you at the beginning, but it is a good idea to have that routine to listen to it, because later on when you gain more experience it can potentially provide useful hint about ghost behavior. 
When you are good to go, always have the routine to first grab the key to the house, then go for flashlight, grab EMF reader and Photo camera. 
If you build this routine early on, you will be thankful to yourself later on. 
Alright, now it is time to hunt the ghost! 
Your MAIN way to find ghost at this point is SOUND and you will carry EMF reader when you pinpoint that location that you find it. 
When you enter the house, be very silent and listen to sounds around you, faster you can find the direction of noise, better for you. 
On some occasions you will have luck and very easily pinpoint direction. 
Like the scenario where you instantly from entrance have an idea where to go and find the room without any issue. 
On some occasions you will struggle to pinpoint that room, due to either room be far away, on the different floor or that the ghost is very shy with activity. 
Also keep in mind the fact, even if you, for instance hear the noise on the right very clearly, it may be below you or above you, so if you find the location of sound but there isn’t anything there, go below or above to check it out. 
We also have a scenario where you roam around, hear the noise but can’t quite figure out where the noise is coming from. 
In these scenarios, the best strategy is to go room by room with EMF thoroughly, listen to the sounds and when leaving the room close the doors behind you. 
This way you can eventually trace back and see if some doors were opened, if the answer is yes, you will know that ghost is very close to that location. 
If you are stumbling upon a very shy ghost, always look at the ground and tables and see if there are some items that are dropped and fallen, that is a good indicator that you are in the proper place. 
When you find those kind of items, be in the room for a while and see if ghost gonna do it again. 
In alternative way you can also speak and say: “Give me a sign” or “Show yourself” repeatedly until you get some results. 
When you get some results, point the EMF at that direction and confirm that interaction, voila, you found the room. 

Taking pictures

Since you will roam around the house and looking at the evidence, pay attention to the bone item, take a closer photo, grab it (press E) and those two things gonna bring you some extra cash. 
Bone is spawned each time you play new map and usually you find it just by going everywhere, but if you can’t find, don’t lose too much time in order to find it, because it could be obscured by something or spawned on the carpet or beneath the something and you will not be able to find it that easy, so if you find along the way, good, if not, don’t search for it, that time effort can be only rewarding on higher difficulty 
Next thing to take a photo is Ouiji Board, however this item is not always spawned and when it does it spawns on particular places, don’t actively search for it but pay attention to the ground or shelves. 
If you find it, take a close photo of it, bring it to the front entrance, you will need free hand to carry it around, then active it by clicking on it and only ask “What is your favourite room” or “Where are you”, if it is working, take a photo of it, since it will count as an interaction and also will tell you exactly what is the current ghost’s location. Voila, there you go, one more potential way to find a ghost room. 
One big caution, be very careful when using Ouiji Board, because it can drain your sanity significantly, by 40 percent to be precise if the question fails, so use this option only as a last option to find the room. 
All other picture that you take are interactions, picture of a ghost, fingerprints, footsteps and dirty water. 
I will not get into too much detail about it, since I consider this knowledge for the next level (check out video for some examples). 
In either scenario whenever you are taking a photo of, make sure to be as close as possible, except for the hunting phase, just avoid that time and run until you know what are you doing. 
Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player 
Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player 
Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player 
Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player 
Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player 
Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player 

Identify the ghost

Now when you have found the location, drop camera and EMF and go back to the van to grab UV light and spirit box. 
My suggestion would be to first try using spirit box several times repeatedly with questions like “Where are you” and “How old are you”. Make sure to check any adjustment room to see if the ghost is maybe on that location. Be patient and try several times, because it may take a few attempts to get the response. 
Switch to the UV light and check doors, light switches, windows for the fingerprints for all nearby rooms. 
Then, if you are if you done with that, drop those two items, head back to Van and grab the book and video cam. Since you don’t have a tripod at this point, you have to do quite a lot of trial and errors, because finding ghost orbs can be a very delicate task. Even if you are 100% sure that you found the room, you will need to find one very good angle in that room and actually see those pesky small white orb zooming across the room. 
For the book keep in mind that it can sometimes take a really big amount of time until it is signed. So when you know the exact room, try moving the book several times until it is signed, have patience with this, it may be signed very quickly or it may take quite a lot of time. 
As for the freezing temperature, at this point room will have visible breathing if it is below zero or not, so you don’t need extra equipment for this, just pay attention to visible breath. 
Don’t forget to write you findings in the Journal!!! 
Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player 

Survive the hunting

The first information that you need to know, when the hunt start, you have a 5 second before ghost becomes active and actually start to chase you. 
During this 5 second period make sure that you go outside of the room if you are trapped there, even through the ghost, since it will not affect you during that delay (but only during that period). 
At this point you have two viable strategies, either to run and avoid ghost or run and hide in the closet/locker. 
The better option is to try to run toward the closet/locker if it is near you, once inside of that spot, make sure to pay attention to the doors, ghost can open it directly or randomly, so if the door opens, immediately close it and make sure it remains closed until the end of the hunt. 
If you chose to run or the closet/locker is far away, make sure to always break the line of sight as soon as possible and don’t speak during the hunt, because ghost can find you by voice that you make and guide it towards you. 
On the occasion where your only remaining option is just to run, try finding big table, car or any large area where you can circle around. 
Some ghost can’t be outruned, like Revenant also one ghost in cold room, there are also more things but check more information about ghosts –
Ultimately on the Amateur level you need to survive for 30 second, so whatever you chose to do, make sure that you are safe enough for that period of time, but the more you play, more you will have knowledge about where to hide, where to run and how to avoid ghost catching you. 


With all this information, you should be more than ready to tackle Amateur level, earn money and gain valuable experience for the next level. 
Start using other equipment, get familiar with the ghost types, their distinctions and perks and other things. 
Also check out the – and how they behave, especially –, because that is the next thing that you will need to learn. 
Beside that I would also suggest ignoring the optional tasks on Amateur level, it will give you very little money and experience, it takes time and also it usually requires extra equipment, which means that you will need to invest and in that scenario if you die, well you lose money, so leave the optional tasks for Intermediate level and when you feel ready. 
That is the conclusion of this tutorial, if you like it give a thumb up, share some thoughts in the comment section and check out the video of this tutorial. 
p.s. I will try to update this tutorial as the new information and patches become available on a stable build. 

Written by vecnavatra

This is all for Phasmophobia How to Play Solo in Game Guide for New Player hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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