Phasmophobia Tips How to Use D.O.T.S New Gadget Guide

Phasmophobia Tips How to Use D.O.T.S New Gadget Guide 1 -
Phasmophobia Tips How to Use D.O.T.S New Gadget Guide 1 -

This guide goes over how to use the newest gadget, the D.O.T.S gadget that was added in the august update.


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D.O.T.S guide

The D.O.T.S projector is the newest gadget that you can use in Phasmophobia, you can place this gadget on either the wall or floor, by using your secondary button (default to F). as you would with a writing book or camera. over time the D.O.T.S projector has a chance to show you a white silhouette of the ghost running by, if you see it then feel free to mark it in your journal as evidence! keep in mind that it does not show the ghost every time it walks by, its just a chance.
The ghost also has a chance to throw the projector, but this happens more often when its a non-D.O.T.S ghost. It is semi-difficult to see the ghosts silhouette as it tends to move really fast and is kind of faded. you can see it easier if you use a night vision camera either held by hand or put down and viewed through the vans computer. It is best for you to put the projector where you have seen activity because this counts as something that the ghost interacts with. if you take a picture of where you saw the ghost run in the projector then it can count as evidence. And finally, keep in mind that one of the ghosts can only be picked up on the projector if it is also seen through the camera, so its best to use it anyways.


There may be things changed about this gadget in the future but ill try to keep the guide up to date. It really helps to get favorites, positive ratings, and awards, do with that what you want. but regardless, thank you for stopping by and viewing my guide!

Written by RogueGhost

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