Phasmophobia Tips How to Make Money by Taking Photo

Phasmophobia Tips How to Make Money by Taking Photo 1 -
Phasmophobia Tips How to Make Money by Taking Photo 1 -
Guide to taking money for photo


Photo Camera

Everybody has his own basic camera (only one, but you can buy extra for 40 bucks).

A number of stars or glasses are responsible for getting money for the picture, but know that you can get 40 dollars in total for the mission!

We will start!


Noted for which categories you can get money at the expense of the star!

Category1 star2 stars3 stars
Ghost70 points85 points100 points
Bone40 points55 points70 points
FingerPrints15 points35 points50 points
Ouija30 points45 points60 points
FootSteps20 points30 points40 points
Interaction20 points35 points40 points
Dirty Water10 points20 points30 points
Dead Body10 points20 points30 points
dool??? points??? points??? points


More 500+40$


Distance of taking photo

The distance of the pictures is responsible for the stars.

For the ghost:

  • 3 stars: = < 4 meters
  • 2 stars: = 4-8 meters
  • 1 star: = > 8 meters

For other categories;

  • 3 stars: = < 1.5 meters
  • 2 stars: = 1.5-8 meters
  • 1 star: = > 8 meters



If ghost prints are left on the door, then it is not necessary to candle with an ultra-flashlight to take a photo!

For a second picture, you will not receive additional money if the object has already been photographed!

For one photo the Ghost counts once, does not give money for a second shot! (game logic)

You can take 10 photos in total!

If you shot a picture on 1 star, then you can shoot again up to 3 stars, just shoot closer!

The maximum limit for receiving money for a mission is $40.

If you take a picture of a player under the suffocation of a ghost, it may count for the category of Ghost.

You can film unlimited for each answer on the Whigi Board, but each answer brings $5 (wow, right?).

the mission can have a total of 3 cameras.


It’s enough to have 4 photos of prints with 3 stars to get $40
Do not take pictures with small points, less than 30 points! (doll too)

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