How to Craft in Last Epoch – A Beginner’s Guide to Magyarul

How to Craft in Last Epoch – A Beginner’s Guide to Magyarul 2 -
How to Craft in Last Epoch – A Beginner’s Guide to Magyarul 2 -

How to Craft in Last Epoch – A Beginner’s Guide to Magyarul


Let’s Make Your Gear Awesome

Hey there! So, you know how in games like Path of Exile or Diablo, tweaking your gear is a big deal? Well, Last Epoch takes it to another level. We get to play around with our equipment, choosing exactly what stats we want to boost. Sure, luck and something called Forging Potential play a part, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

What You Need for Crafting

First up, crafting materials. There are three kinds: Affix Shards, Glyphs, and Runes. And guess what? There’s this super handy button that zips all your crafting stuff into a big, bottomless box. Pretty neat, right?

Affix Shards: Spice Up Your Gear

Okay, Affix Shards are your go-to for adding or changing stats on your gear. Every item has four slots for these: two for attack (prefixes) and two for defense (suffixes). You can spot them easily because prefixes are at the top and suffixes at the bottom. If you’re looking to beef up your gear, these shards can push your stats up to Tier 5. And sometimes, you’ll hit the jackpot with a critical success that boosts another stat for free!

Forging Potential: Keep an Eye on It

Now, about Forging Potential (FP). Think of it as how many chances you get to tweak your gear. Better items have more FP. When you upgrade or add new stats, it uses up some FP. If you run out, you can’t make any more changes. But, there’s a trick! Using a Glyph of Hope can save your FP 25% of the time, which is usually your best bet.

Glyphs: Crafting’s Best Friend

Speaking of glyphs, the Glyph of Hope is like a crafting lifesaver, helping you keep your FP longer. And if you’re maxing out a stat, a Glyph of Order can make sure it stays maxed when you level up the tier. But, be careful; without the safety net of Glyph of Hope, your FP might run out faster. There’s also this cool Glyph of Despair that lets you lock in a high-tier stat while freeing up space for more tweaks. It’s best used on your top gear and with lower-tier affixes to increase your chances of success. Remember, Tier 4 is as high as you can go without losing the stat.

Getting Crafty with Runes

Let’s dive into runes, starting with the big players: Rune of Shattering and Rune of Removal. These bad boys help us gather Affix Shards. From a Tier 1 affix, you get one shard, and from a Tier 5, up to five. The Rune of Shattering is a bit of a gamble since you don’t know exactly what you’ll get, and yep, it destroys the item. But don’t worry, it doesn’t cost any Forging Potential, so it’s perfect for items that are already picked clean by the Rune of Removal. This rune plucks active affixes, one per rune, and does use FP. So, if you spot a rare shard worth snagging, go for it!

The Rune of Discovery is your best friend during the grind. It randomly fills those empty affix slots on items that are just right for your level but low on FP. And since you can access the Forge anywhere, why not take a shot and possibly score some killer gear for free?

Next up, Rune of Ascending. This magical rune transforms any item into a unique piece from the same category. Super handy for snagging those build-critical items, but maybe hold onto it until the late game when it really counts.

And don’t forget about the Rune of Creation. It clones your item, using up its FP. Best used on nearly perfect gear, like a swanky ring or a killer sword. Just remember, it’s a one-at-a-time deal, so choose wisely.

Lastly, the Rune of Refinement and Rune of Shaping are perfect for fine-tuning. The Refinement Rune tweaks your stats within their tier’s range, while the Shaping Rune bumps up your item’s base stats. Ideal for those high-tier affixes you’re looking to perfect.

Should You Experiment?

Now, about experimental gear. These unique pieces, like belts, gloves, and boots, come from crafting, not just drops. With a Glyph of Insight, you can convert a prefix into something experimental, offering unique stat combos not found elsewhere. While tempting, these experiments often eat up a lot of FP, leaving you with gear that might feel a bit… lacking. However, land on something truly special, and a Rune of Research could imprint another awesome prefix onto your gear, making all the difference.

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