Phasmophobia Tips and Trick How to Get More Money In Game Guide

Phasmophobia Tips and Trick How to Get More Money In Game Guide 1 -
Phasmophobia Tips and Trick How to Get More Money In Game Guide 1 -
This guide aims to explain mechanics of earning money and experience and also provide some useful information about how to achieve it.



In this tutorial we are going to explain how difficulty affects the earnings and experience gain and ways how to actually get it.
Also, we will share as much as possible information about taking photos and how it will reward you.

We gonna cover these topics:
– Earning XP par maps and tasks
– Earning money from tasks
– How much pictures are worth
– How to get each picture type
– Combinations

Tutorial is valid for game version: Stable build:


If you wish to check out the video with this full guide, for better experience see the link bellow:

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Earning XP par maps and tasks

This section on its own doesn’t need in deep analysis or explanation.
The only thing that counts for the maps and taks are objective 1 and 2 and picking up the bone, not taking photo of it.
Objective 2 provides most experience, second is objective 1 which is ghost identification and after that bone.
Based on difficulty, that is the multiplier which is used to determine your total experience.
Base multiplier for Amateur level is 1, for Intermediate is 1.5 and for Professional is by 2.

Phasmophobia Tips and Trick How to Get More Money In Game Guide

Earning money from tasks

As in the experience case, money earning from objectives is fairly simple to understand.
Basically all tasks will give you initial 10$ except for the medium and large maps, which give at base 25 and 35.
All base earnings are multiplied for difficulty, intermediate by 2 and professional by 3, except for the insurance, which is always 10.
For the bone to complete the objective, you need to pick it up, photo of bone counts for the photo earnings.
The best case scenario for earning on these tasks are doing professional solo run on a large map, finish all objective plus find the bone, that will earn you 235$.
However, probably most optimal for earning per time would be doing same exact thing on a small map.

Phasmophobia Tips and Trick How to Get More Money In Game Guide

How much pictures are worth

Now we are getting into a bit more intensive territory with how to understand the point system and how to calculate it.
So you earn money based on total points you accumulate from getting each picture, then based on threshold that is the money you will earn.
For threshold, having between 1 and 49 points is worth 10$, between 50 and 100 is 15$, for 200, 300, 400 and below 500 is incremented by 5$ and above 500 points will earn you base of 40$ which is maximum.
That amount is later on multiplied by difficulty (by 2 for intermediate and by 3 for the professional).
In order to get 3 star photo of a ghost, you will need to be within 4 meters of the ghost.
Every other type of picture from the list needs to be taken within 1,5 meters radius of that object/event.
You can have only 1 photo per unique object/event that counts for reward and also that is the first taken photo, anything after initial photo of something will not count, even if it has better quality.
Also, only first 10 photos are accounted for reward, so save those slots for most valuable ones, if you have an objective like dirty water, take it as photo.
Best combination of photos are: Ghost + Bone + Ouija + 7 Fingerprints, which will give you 580 points.
If there isn’t Ouija board on the map, Ghost + Bone + 8 Fingerprints will earn you 570 and if ghost type has no fingerprint, but you get 8 interactions instead you will have 490, which is 35$.

Phasmophobia Tips and Trick How to Get More Money In Game Guide

How to get each picture type

Since we covered already things in previous sections, let’s get into it, but first to mention obvious things.
Picture of a Ghost, Ouija board and Bone are self-explanatory and also described previously about range and quantity.

Now as for the fingerprints, you can take these pictures as much as you want but make sure that they are unique, each occurrence can be used as a picture.
You can find fingerprints on Doors (each side of the door is a unique occurrence), windows and switches.
You don’t need UV light to be present when the picture is taken, but make sure that you are close enough to the source.

Next thing is footsteps, for this you need to put the salt on the ground and actually hear ghost walking while the salt is disturbed.
You should confirm this occurrence with UV light, and it can be counted only while duration of footstep lasts (so be quick and close) when this happens.
This evidence can also be taken multiple times, but again each time on a unique occasion.

For the dirty water, you can also take that photo each unique time that sink is filled with water, however it is not worth it, avoid it.
As already mentioned, only take a photo of dirty water when you have that objective and when you have used all 10 photos before that.

Taking a picture of dead body is also not worth of taking it, but if you have some reason or desire to do that, make sure to take a photo of location where the user dropped the items and not where is the body.

Now for the most versatile way of getting picture, Interactions. We have a lot of potentials for these.
Here is the list of possible interactions:
– Any item is thrown/moved/dropped (including your equipment)
– Ghost book is filled (ghost writing)
– Electronic items action (switches, radio, phone, breaker, tv)
– Spot where Ghost just disappeared (aftering showing up and not after the hunt)
– When you get jump scares (ghost event)
– Photo of Voodoo dolls (each is counted as an interaction, no need to pick it up)
– Candles are blown out (only when ghost does it)
– Any door is opened or closed (except for main doors on hunt)
– While the sink is filled with dirty water (not when it is already full)
– Ouija board gives you a correct response (each time you ask the question)
– Knocking on a window

The list is quite long, isn’t it? And if I missed something, please mention it in a comment section.
One very important thing, for each mentioned case, make sure to take that photo within 20 second upon occurrence.
To make sure you are within that timeframe, with EMF reader confirm it with feedback above 1, everything after that period doesn’t count.
Exception to above rule is Voodoo dolls and Ghost Writing (it can also be shot for each written book), you can take these as soon as you see that.

I would suggest avoiding taking a picture of doors interaction, since you need to know from which side to take it (even from side it still can fail).
Also, sink while it is filled is a valid interaction but due to very small time frame, just avoid it.
Besides that, if you are unsure which object is interacted, just skip taking photo and take a picture when you are very sure and also very close to it.


As for the best possible combination, here are some examples shown for experience and money.
For my opinion, probably you can earn more money by playing it solo and rely on yourself and knowledge that you have.

Phasmophobia Tips and Trick How to Get More Money In Game Guide


Interesting facts for the end of the guide, maximum amount of money you can have 250000$ and 1000 items (per type), you can have more than that but when you die it will return to 1000 items.
Also make sure to check links below, due to existence of various information on these topics, probably you can find something that I didn’t include here.
Hope that all this information will help you earn more money and experience and make your game enjoyment better, well until the game is changed and all this knowledge becomes obsolete 🙂

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