Phasmophobia A Basketball Tips in Game

Phasmophobia A Basketball Tips in Game 1 -
Phasmophobia A Basketball Tips in Game 1 -
I noticed a serious lack of SKILLED basketball guides, so here it is. The definitive method of shooting beautiful 3-pointers in the Phasmophobia lobby.



If you want to truly impress your fellow ghost hunters, standing under the hoop and cheesing your score up is not good enough. They need to watch you line up your shot, and hit nothing but net. Not only that, if you follow my guide properly the ball will rebound perfectly back for you to grab mid air and sink another ball. 

Step 1

When you’re in front of the hoop, you want to aim your cursor directly down and move into this spot: 
Phasmophobia A Basketball Tips in Game 
It’s hard to exactly replicate the position, but through trial and error you’ll find the spot. 

Step 2

Now once you’re in position, you’ll want to aim at the centre of the hoop and move your cursor up until it’s reached this position: 
Phasmophobia A Basketball Tips in Game 
After you’re aiming at the right spot let it fly! You may not get it right on the first try, but if you keep these spots in mind you’re 90% of the way there. 


Now you can impress friends and strangers alike with your amazing basketball skills! Hopefully you can raise your score whilst feeling a sense of accomplishment that you really earned it. 
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