Phasmophobia QoL Tricks and Tips after playing 400+ hours for Old and New players.

Phasmophobia QoL Tricks and Tips after playing 400+ hours for Old and New players. 1 -
Phasmophobia QoL Tricks and Tips after playing 400+ hours for Old and New players. 1 -
After playing 420 hours and hitting level 2000 I decided to make a list of things old and new players may not know.


QoL tips, tricks and myths

Hello everyone! I recently just hit level 2500 and thought I’d share some QoL tricks and tips I picked up playing. 
This list will always apply to the BETA version. Some of these may not be in the LIVE version of the game yet. 
1. Bind your Sprint to W in key binds. You never have to hold shift again. 
Downside is you can’t sprint backwards anymore, but you don’t really need that unless you’re 
trying to get a ghost pic during a hunt. 
2. Auto Run: (Steam Overlay Required) Hold W, Shift+Tab, Let go of W, and Shift+Tab again. 
Basically the game thinks you’re still holding the button. Perfect for big maps with long hall ways. 
3. Lack of Evidence is also Evidence. 
If you’re having trouble getting evidence you can try process of elimination instead. It can save you a lot of time with annoying shy Shades. 
You need to make sure you have the correct room for this to work. If you have EMF 5 and Orbs, but can’t get another evidence use process of elimination instead. In this scenario the ghost is either Jinn, Shade or Phantom. Ghost Writing is sometimes a pain to get especially in a large room, but Spirit Box and Freezing Temps isn’t. If both of those don’t work there’s a high chance it’s a stubborn Shade. Sometimes Spirit Box is just being buggy so double check your pictures. If you take a picture and the ghost shows up in the picture it’s a Jinn(Phantoms don’t show up in pictures) and the Spirit Box is just being stubborn. 
The easiest way to find the ghost is just remember which evidences aren’t actually working so you can eliminate possibilities later. 
4. You can put your head cam back on the hook by press F on it. 
Kinda useless tip, but I only learned this quite recently. 
5. You can place things standing up by looking directly up and pressing G. 
This is good for marking which room the ghost is in with a UV light or placing a Book standing up facing a Camera so you can check Ghost Writing from the Truck. 
6. Fingerprints can be on doors, light switches, jail cells, the keyboards in cell blocks and windows. 
Even the broken windows on High School/Prison and the dirty boarded up windows on Asylum. 
7. The best way to find the favorite ghost room is just by listening. 
The ghost can interact with objects and appear in any room connected to it, but the actual favorite ghost room is the room the ghost makes those fat steps. It will not make steps in the rooms that it wanders to unless it’s a Yurei. 
8. You can see orbs from default cameras on big maps so check themafter you open the front door. 
List of possible ghost rooms with cameras pointing at them: 
Asylum: Main lobby and the big cafeteria. When you check the main lobby look at the door in the back with the window on it. I’ve seen a orb through that window and it saved us a bunch of time. 
Prison: Cell Blocks A/B, and Cafeteria. When checking Cafeteria look up top as well because sometimes you can see Orbs through the windows near the Wardens Office. 
High School: Main lobby and the Gym 
You can obviously check all the cameras, but these are common ghost spawn locations and easy to quickly check. 
9. The Popping Ouija Board sound. If you hear the Ouija Board popping around and know it’s near you ask someone else to come look that can’t hear it so they can grab it for you. 
10. The Wraith can start a hunt anywhere near you on the map. 
I’ve had a Wraith spawn on top of us at the threshold of the door to the truck on Asylum. If the ghost is a wraith don’t be fooled into thinking you’re safe on bigger maps just because you’re far away from the ghost room. 
11. Never try and out run a Revenant. 
If you’re being chased by one you are already dead unless you break LoS twice and then find a hiding spot. If the Revenant sees you go into your hiding spot it will come kill you because ghosts will always check the last spot they saw you. 
12. Banshees will turn into a normal ghost and kill anyone if their target is not in the house. 
13. Shades are boring and require 2 players to basically go afk before it does anything. (Rework shade please) 
15. Only the first ghost picture will give you money. Stop taking multiple pictures of the ghost! <3 
14. Stop taking pictures of broken salt mounds! You only get money for the footsteps the ghost makes after they step on the salt. If you see the salt separate and then hear the ghost doing the tango it’s safe to assume there are footsteps. You can only see footsteps after a ghost has stepped in salt. Make sure you keep either a UV light near or a glow stick down to see them. 
UPDATE: It seems like they may have added a footstep to broken salt mounds in the newest BETA update. 
16. Ghost Writing: I’m still testing this, but I’ve had a fairly decent success rate. When you hear a foot step throw the book at the foot step. Sometimes the ghost will give you some art. 
17. Lockers and closets are the safest place to hide if you hold the door closed. It’s still much safer than hiding in a room, but not 100% safe if they see you go into it. 
UPDATE: Ghosts will now fully open lockers and both closets doors if they hear you inside them or see you go into them. As long as you don’t make noise and they don’t see you go inside the locker you are fine. 
18. When a Ghost appears and you take a picture wait til your camera is off cool down then walk at the ghost. When the ghost disappears quickly take another picture and it will give you an Interaction Photo. 
19. Ghost Event objective is completed when a ghost breathes into yours or your teams ear or appears infront of you. 
Hunts do not count as ghost events. 
20. Reset camera cool down to take quicker pictures by switching to a different item then switching back to your camera. 
21. Don’t play with cheaters in public rooms. 
If you see someone fly/speed hack, have a level over 6000, or see anything that can’t be done by normal means leave instantly. They can crash your game if they don’t like you. I asked someone to stop speed hacking and he proceeded to close all of our games because we didn’t appreciate how special he was. I haven’t confirmed if it’s still a thing, but they used to be able to alter your save file. 
1. Banshees only run at their “hunt target” in Ghost Events. 
Ghosts will run at anyone in a ghost event. 
2. Light from flashlights give away your position to the ghost. 
Ghosts only look for you and listen for your voice. Flashlights have no effect on getting the 
ghosts attention. 
3. Standing behind a regular closed door and holding it will stop a ghost. 
Ghosts can go through closed doors. 
4. The bone spawns near the ghost room. 
5. Turning off the flashlight and sitting in the dark drains sanity faster that with the flashlight on. 
Your flashlight has zero effect on you sanity. Lit candles and room lights are the only things that 
affect your sanity. 
6. Turning on sinks can give Dirty Water. 
The ghost must interact with the sink. It doesn’t matter if it’s before or after a player touches it, 
but a player turning on the sink will not give dirty water. If you’ve gotten dirty water doing it it’s 
good timing that the ghost happened to interact with the sink after you did. 
I’ll be adding more to the list when I think of it. This is just from the top of my head. 

Written by Signar

Here we come to an end for Phasmophobia QoL Tricks and Tips after playing 400+ hours for Old and New players. hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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