Phasmophobia Guide to asylum

Phasmophobia Guide to asylum 1 -
Phasmophobia Guide to asylum 1 -
For newcomers a like, or maybe just some people who need a few tricks for the bundle of rooms that is a map I will be showing a few tips, tricks, and helpful facts for the asylum map! You no longer have to sit in the truck studying the map for 5 hours or get lost in the maze that this map entails.


The layout

The layout of this map may seem confusing at first but once you’ve walked through it a bit it becomes muscle memory, or just a really good memory- either one. A map is provided below, not only for guidance but for if the ouija board is found, because without knowing what is what, you will just be draining sanity. This also entails spawns for the ouija board and camera locations Phasmophobia Guide to asylum 

Finding the ghost

There are many ways to find the ghost on bigger maps, some more efficient than others. 
1. Thermometer: Oh the classic, it is viable although with the nerf it is much slower and there is the chance that the ghost may turn off the breaker, therefore throwing you off. Another issue with this is that it can take more of a toll on your sanity since there are many rooms to search. 
2. Doors or Lights: Its better to leave the doors closed because the ghost will open them therefore making it easy to stroll down the corridors looking for an open door. Lights also work in this manner although may be less noticeable and I find more often the ghost likes to touch the doors more. 
3. Listening for signs: This also includes doors and such although there are also sound cues for these which is crucial for finding which side of the map the ghost is on, there is a sound cue for a ghost opening a door (Which is different than a player opening a door, I find a lot of people getting this confused) , lights flicking on, items being thrown (This is only good for finding if the ghost is in the area or not since there are so many rooms to check for disturbance, its not worth it), and a ghost humming noise that happens when a ghost has manifested in a shadow form. 

Other tips

Parabolic can be good if you are the only one on a certain side of the map as it can pick up noise made by both players and the ghost. 
Keep your sanity! Especially if its a long walk from the truck to ghost room, turn on the hallway lights that lead to the room, keeping the breaker on is a good idea- unless your ghost is a jinn, then that will be going right off. 
Use the radio! It may be obvious but over long range your teammates cannot hear your fabled cries from across the asylum, no matter how loud they are. 
Beware of certain ghosts! Revenant is an obvious stay the hell away but with the new beta update ghosts will now gradually get faster when chasing you making Jinns as dangerous as revs now as long as the breaker is off. 
On the asylum map, and many others a lot of doors are push, these push doors can be amazing hiding spots if the ghost does open them, by hiding in the corner that the door opens up into you may be able to keep your life another day. 

Hope you enjoy the post for Phasmophobia Guide to asylum, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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