MORDHAU the Way of the Dwarf Slayers

MORDHAU the Way of the Dwarf Slayers 1 -
MORDHAU the Way of the Dwarf Slayers 1 -
Welcome, mercenary. The Dwarfs have been infecting our land for too long. We must make a stand, display our superiority, and assert our dominance before they do the same. Will you fight for our just cause, or will you lay down and let the little folk ruin our kingdom?



The way of the Dwarf Slayer is pretty simple. We slay dwarfs, they get mad, they rise up as a terrifying force, we slay them more, rinse and repeat. Unfortunately, there are few Dwarf Slayers, and most are alone in their server. I’ve taken it upon myself to find new talent to combat the tiny threat. We don’t have much time, and we have a lot to cover… 

Our Cause

We fight dwarfs, as we’ve already covered. If you don’t have much experience with that, I suggest going out into the field and getting some, cause we don’t let just anyone become a Slayer. Oh, and by the way, I’ll be saying ‘we’ this whole guide, and for legal reasons, I have to say that the few other Dwarf Slayers who play Mordhau aren’t in on this. But, the situation is dire, and I didn’t have time to pursue their help, so I’m doing this alone. 
Now that that’s finished, let’s talk about what we do. If you see a dwarf, kill him. But not helpful dwarfs. They include bards and your allies and… that’s pretty much it, just don’t kill bards or allies, that’s kind of a jerk thing to do. 
But onto the harmful dwarfs. As the code says, “any dwarf that isn’t helpful is harmful,” and “anything too short is a dwarf.” We don’t care if they’re “peaceful” or “just a child” or “a literal goose, it’s not even human.” The Slayers transcend moral laws and the Geneva Convention! 
Some notes on Slaying: 
1. Colorful dwarfs want your attention. Slay them, but be wary, they might have bear traps or reinforcements. 
2. Most dwarfs lack armor. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, who knows, the good knews is that we can slay them quickly if they can’t mount a good enough offense. The bad news is they usually have good weapons and perks. Again, be wary. 
3. Sometimes you’ll find an armored dwarf, maybe even with the tank perk. They’re still short, so they’re still a dwarf. But it might be harder to kill them. Fortunately, they tend to be either extremely defensive or extremely offensive. This is good, they won’t back away from a fight. 
4. Some say dwarfs are harder to hit. While this is mostly true, their size also makes it easier to hit their heads, so you should aim for the head without too much effort. 
5. There is no right loadout for killing dwarfs. You might find yourself dying to a large horde, or someone with just one more ace up their miniature sleeve, or just getting beaten by someone 100 levels above you. Don’t worry, look at their weapons, armor, and perks, analize the situation you were in, and create a loadout accordingly. Adaptability is key, and once you get the hang of it, you might have several loadouts you won’t have to edit every game. 

The Loadouts (Invasion/Frontline)

Here are some recommended loadouts from yours truly. Remember, these aren’t perfect for every game, so don’t be afraid to tweak them. 
The Tank 
Ah, a good old fashioned defender. This is one you might want to use in invasion or frontlines. Like it’s counter-part, the Reaper, this will allow you to take on many dwarfs at once. This build focuses on defense and quick attacks, so you’ll want a shield like the kite shield, and a fast weapon, like the short spear. I know this weapon combo is controversial and “cowardly” but it gets the job done, and if you don’t like it, as I said, just change it. As this focuses on defense, you might want the Tank perk and 3:3:3 armor, but 2:3:2 works as well as long as you have Tank on. Use your shield to block attacks, stab with the spear, and once the dwarfs’ health has been whittled down, don’t be afraid to surprise them with a slash. If you do it right, you can take out multiple dwarfs with this slightly unorthodox move. Just be afraid of people coming behind you and projectiles. 
The Reaper 
Named so because of it’s ability to take out many dwarfs like a scythe against wheat. You’ll want a high damage weapon, like an exec. sword, but if you want more speed, go for the longsword instead. You’ll want 3:3:3 armor and the cat perk, just so you can get into the fray from a height. No tank perk this time, because your ability to get out of a fight is more important without a shield, and you want to be able to get behind a wall or some defenders to catch your breath and heal up. Not much else to it, just use slashes a lot, because you want to target as many people at once as possible. 

The Loadouts (Brawl/Duel)

The Hunter 
The Hunter focuses on one or two dwarfs at a time, often chasing them through a map. You’ll want either 2:3:1 or 1:2:2. When fighting dwarfs, protecting the head isn’t as vital, assuming they don’t have throwables, and if they do, so do you! That’s right, put a throwable on this guy, something with decent damage and wind-up time, like the throwing axe and the throwing knife. You can use these if someone decides they want to throw stuff at you, they’re running away, or you just want to spruce up a fight. Be careful not to get into fights with too many people, and watch your back. Because of the those, you’ll want the supplied perk, and the huntsman to deal with pesky archers. Also add a weapon of medium speed, range and damage. I’d suggest the longsword, but you do you. For this guy, you should utilize stabs and overheads more, but never pass up the opportunity to chamber. If they feint or drag, you can either follow through with the attack or parry at the actually correct time. Don’t forget kicks too, they can catch people off-guard if timed right. 
The Duelist 
This guy is obviously going to be the most useful in brawls, and duels, whether ranked or unofficial. He’ll need a weapon similar to the longsword, again, but with a shorter, faster weapon as a secondary, preferably one that can be thrown. I don’t really care what perks you use, but cat is just sometimes useful. You’ll want a mix of medium and heavy armor for this guy, maybe even full heavy. You could do mostly medium, but at least have a heavy torso. This guy will be similar to the Hunter with the longsword, but if your opponent has a ridiculously slow or fast weapon, switch to your secondary, either to be able to react to a quick weapon or attack before a slow one can mount a defense. And if they run away when they’re at low health like little cowards (no I’m not bitter!), you can awlays throw your light weapon. 

The Loadouts (Misc.)

These loadouts are especially hard, and only the most experienced should use them. We don’t want the good name of the Slayers to get sullied by accidental teamkillers and sub-par maul-men. 
The Fool Named this beacause of how ridiculous he is. Just get a guy with full light armor, or even a nak*d guy if we’re already being crazy, and a weapon like the maul. Get Rat and Bloodlust, run around, bash dwarf craniums when they least expect it and repeat. This guy must have the foppish voice and the ugliest face you can give him. To really assert your dominace, sneak up behind an idle dwarf, give him a whiny “heelllooo” and crush his head just as he turns around. Let your face give him such nightmares that he never uses Dwarf again. 
The Poacher 
Get a longbow, one bear trap, mule supplied and cat, and all llight armor with cosmetic pants. As soon as you can, find the supply box. You’ll need it. Find some weapons scattered all over, pick some up, go to a good sniping position, place a bear trap at the entrance, more if you have access to a supply box, and snipe away. If someone comes to get you, grab your melee weapon and fight accordingly. 

The Slayers’ Code


A dwarf that isn’t helpful is harmful. 

Anything shorter than average is a dwarf. 

Sanctuary should not be given to harmful dwarfs. 

Those who provide such sanctuary are our enemies. 

Everything we do is reflected on the Order 

We will not bring harm to the Order 

Though we slay dwarfs, we abide the laws. We will respect the rules of the server we’re on 

Respect our enemies, no matter how they fight or their size 

The best offense is just a really good offense. Defense will only be used to prevent harm to the Order 

The Order

Now that you know what you do, if you wish to join our glorious Order, well, here it is… 
TA-DA. As in “here it is” and the abbreviation for our Order, The Anti-Dwarf Alliance. If you wish to join, you can, but only the experienced get to flaunt our name. We don’t want our Order to seem, how should I put this… puny. 
But, welcome, potential Slayers! And even if you don’t join, perhaps you’ll have learned something. 

Written by SlayerOfDwarfs

Here we come to an end for MORDHAU the Way of the Dwarf Slayers hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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