MORDHAU Types players and how to beat them

MORDHAU Types players and how to beat them 1 -
MORDHAU Types players and how to beat them 1 -
Mordhau players are more ruthless than any community’s players. They’ll think of insults beyond the knowledge of Jesus and God combined. Not just their language is demoralizing– so is their strategies. I will teach you how to counter the feints of level 20s and up.


Introduction/Table of Contents

People will have skills beyond the galaxy’s reach. Most that this guide will cover will be strategies that level 20~ and up will be using. Here are what ones: 
Strategies/Table of Contents: 
1. Feint spam 
a. Zweihander Feints 
2. Ranged 
a. Javlins 
b. Rocks 
c. Fire & smoke bomb 
d. Weapons that are throw-able 
3. Dodge 
4. 7ft threat 
5. 3ft threat 
6. Mike Tyson 
7. Energy sucker 
8. Kill theif 
9. Training Sword Trainer 
10. P A N. 

Feint Spam

Degeneracy level: 4/10 (Not much) 
Avg. Level that uses it: 30~100 
Weapons: All melee 
Energy Usage: A lot 
How to use it: 
The tutorial at the beginning of the game is one of the many tutorials that no one gives a flying ♥♥♥♥ about. The only reason you did it is to probably get that fat stack of 2500 coins. The man at the beginning of the game informs you about something called Feinting, or just faking. You press the Q key and it will stop your attack, making your opponent block your “Attack” and allows you to get a free hit on them. What if I told you that opponents never learn? Remember, this is Mordhau– the max brain cells a Mordhau player can have is 3. Most is taken up by ways to say the N-Word. You can repeatedly use this strat and still confuse level 50 and up. Crazy. This will really help if you have a slow weapon and can’t land hits in time. 
How to counter it: 
Say someone is bamboozling you with feints. No biggie. Just don’t block until they grunt. The grunt signifies a full swing and is a perfect window to parry and repost. 
If you see someone running around with a Zweihander feinting, run. It’s a level 200 sweat about to pull a blanket over your head and skull-♥♥♥♥ you. If you win the battle, he’ll start calling you terrible slurs in chat. Just avoid them. 
Spam feints until your energy is under 30% and your opponent can hear you pant. 
Use Falx for spamming, it’s obvious when the movement of the sword changes. 
Feint on low energy. 


Degeneracy Level: 8/10 (High, Especially in Deathmatches and Duels.) 
Avg. Level that uses it: 1~50 
Weapons: Long bow, Re-curved Bow, Crossbow, Rocks, Javelins, Short melee weapons, Grenades. 
Energy usage: Barely none at all. 
How to use: 
Pull the string back. Aim. Fire. * w o w * 
For crossbow, it takes twice as long to load it but does double the damage. 
For the bombs… use them like grenades. (Smoke & Fire) 
For short weapons, for example, Short Sword, can be thrown. It will catch your opponent of guard and get you a midge of damage or even a fatal blow. 
Javelins are like the spears in the game but are meant to be thrown with a large portion of damage. 
Have a Melee backup just encase of close proximity. 
How to counter 
Blocking arrows isn’t that hard, just have a eye on the archer and you won’t get hit. You can also rush them, they’ll get stressed. 
Bombs are quite easy to avoid… just avoid them. 
Blocking short weapons and Javelins/Spears are easy to parry. 
1911. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ RUN 
MORDHAU Types players and how to beat them 
Use this strat on Deathmatch or you’re a meani 

Dodge Perk

Degeneracy: 10/10 (Literally the H*tler of Mordhau) 
Avg. Level that uses it: 15~60 
Weapons: All 
Energy usage: Too much 
How to use: 
The dodge perk will take some getting used to but when used too much it can interfere with your normal skills and footwork (What this guide is trying to improve) so I recommend you don’t use this strategy much like the Ranged strategy or at least use it sparingly to catch your opponent off-guard. 
The dodge perk is worth 12/48 mercenary points making it the 3rd most expensive perk in Mordhau, under Peasant (24) and Bloodlust (15). So already, that’s 25% of your points gone– not including the cost of weapons, armor, and other perks. If you are going to use this perk, you might as well use acrobat with it thanks to how much energy you’ll be using. The perk allows you to dodge side to side and back– not forward. You would like this perk if you were ♥♥♥♥ at the most basic thing in the game… Parrying. This is much like the feint spam strategy but more annoying. You let your opponent swing and then jump forward and attack them in the middle of the swing. This works exceptionally good when going against people with slow weapons. 
How to counter: 
Get a longer weapon (like Zweihander, Large spear, Halberd/Polearm/Poleaxe) and cut that ♥♥♥♥ like no tomorrow. If you don’t like big weapons like that, you can just let them waste their energy and disarm them, or even use Ranged! (the one time i’ll encourage it) 
Get backed up against a wall 
Waste all your energy at the beginning of the fight 
Use this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ perk 
MORDHAU Types players and how to beat them 

7ft/3ft Threat

Degeneracy: 2/10 (High Reddit Karma) 
Avg. Level of players that use it: * Any * 
Weapons: Any 
Energy usage: Normal 
How to use: 
The Dwarf and Giant perk are usually used for different uses. Dwarf is used for funny instances like being a bard or surfing on a Pavise Shield and calling people names. Though you will find the occasional level 70 dwarf user that is pretty good. Giant is used for combat, mainly to counter Maul users thanks to the damage you can endure with it. I would not recommend swinging like crazy because both are quite sluggish, one is hard to hit but easy to kill– one is easy to hit but hard to kill. 
How to counter: 
You can’t really counter these– it’s just a matter of knowing how to play the game. 
Waste energy as Giant, you will not be able to recover easy. 
Do not stand still as Dwarf, move so your easy to hit. 
MORDHAU Types players and how to beat them 
MORDHAU Types players and how to beat them 

Mike Tyson (Paunch)

Degeneracy: 3/10 (Seggsy) 
Avg. Level of players that use it: * Any * 
Weapons: Your fist you dumbass 
Energy usage: A bit much 
How to use: 
Ever wanted to role-play as Mike Tyson? Remember the Brawl mode? (Oh wait… this is for new players–) Sadly, most players hate people who don’t use weapons, and that’s why Training Sword Trainers exist. They make you use a weak weapon adjacent to theirs. Even more saddening, is that people will just kill you with your weapon and no thought. So you must pick people over level 15 to do this or your head will be Za Hando’d off your head. You also don’t want armor, it’ll threaten your opponent into using a weapon. You want to focus all your points into skills. 
How to counter: 
…Cut off their head with no thought? 
Waste all your energy or your a*s will hit the floor. 
Have a backup weapon in inventory, it will be noticed at some point and get you killed. 

Energy Sucker

Degeneracy: 2/10 (Drinks Apple Juice with Cereal) 
Avg. Level of players that use it: 25~∞ 
Weapons: Longer Melee 
Energy Usage: Barely any (Ironic right?) 
How to Use 
Ever wanna be Dio? This is the Strategy me and thousands of others use. It’s really good if you use a longer weapon like the one I prefer, the Halberd. You keep preforming reposts and wait until your opponent is low on energy. When this happens, you start berating them until they stop trying or get disarmed. Here is what my Energy Depleting Merc looks like: 
MORDHAU Types players and how to beat them 
MORDHAU Types players and how to beat them 
How to Counter: 
Use the same strategy and wait until they are low on energy. 
Do jump attacks with the intentions of this strategy. 
Continue to do the same strategy while at low energy. This depends on it. 

Kill Theif

Degeneracy: 7/10 (Low Reddit Karma) 
Avg. Level of players that use it: * Any * 
Weapons: Any 
Energy Usage: Depends 
How to Use: 
You and I have to admit we’ve all done this and still do. You’d be in a Invasion/Frontline match and sometimes even accidentally kill someone else’s prey. It is also a easy way to get coins and XP but at the price of being called a N-Word. 
How to Counter: 
You can’t get rid of it. Like a weed in your garden, no matter what you do, every spring new weeds will sprout. 
Garden Weeds : New Players 
Uh…. Drink spoiled milk after expiration date or you’ll get salmonella? 

TsT (Training Sword Trainer)

Degeneracy: 3/10 (Still plays Fallout 3 (Pog)) 
Avg. Level of Players that use it: 50~70 
Weapons: Training Sword 
Energy Usage: Depends 
How to Use: 
People who do this sometimes come across as annoying, but never mean any harm. Most people who do this are tired of the Maul and/or Zweihander so they want to be on equal playing grounds. These people usually have two Training swords and use one to give to another. They usually target low-leveled players so they can teach you how to play (duh) or scat on you. 
How to Counter: 
Don’t pick up the sword they give you. That simple. 
Drop out of secondary school? 


Degeneracy: 0/10 (CHAD) 
Avg. Level of players that use it: ?̶̼͖̬̣̙̬͚̹̂́̃̑̀̓̍͛̉̇͘̚͘̚ͅ?̷̧̳̘̰̣͍̟̺̩̯̙̏̋̄̿̓̈́̿̚͝?̷̫̌͆̈́̅̈̈́̅́́͗̀̉̆͠͝ 
Weapons: PAN 
Energy Usage: NONE 
MORDHAU Types players and how to beat them 

Written by Austravich

Hope you enjoy the post for MORDHAU Types players and how to beat them, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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  1. Hello, it’s me, Austravich– (ironic, I know.) This guide has long since updated with proper english (I’m from Germany so it wasn’t proper in the first place) and some more strategies. You guys are quite polite for even citing the author via link and adding the images along with it, I hope you guys continue doing this!

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