MORDHAU Bloodlust Maul Dude: A Field Guide

MORDHAU Bloodlust Maul Dude: A Field Guide 1 -
MORDHAU Bloodlust Maul Dude: A Field Guide 1 -
A low-sodium exploration of how to be AND deal with this infamous foe.


How To Be Him:

1. Pick the Maul. 
2. Pick the Bloodlust perk. 
3. Optional: spend the rest of your points on armor, most likely making him look as tacky as possible, as shown here.MORDHAU Bloodlust Maul Dude: A Field Guide 
4. Always aim for the head. 
Remember to always strike first, to strike fear into the opposition, and to sow confusion in them. Preferably take on groups in close quarters, such as the castle’s side entrances in Mountain Peak, or the fort entrances in Taiga. Never attack out in the open, and if you can, attack in tandem with an ally so their attention won’t be on you when you make your move. 
Even if your target thrusts, go for the chamber, as parrying would mean not attacking. 
Injuries won’t matter; as long as you’re still standing, you’re a single blow to the head away from becoming the picture of health once more. Meanwhile, they risk friendly fire and can’t back up due to the allies behind them. 
Then, when you do bite it, some of your opponents may lose their tempers. At you, or each other. 

How to Thwart Him:

1. Stay calm! You’ve fought this guy before, or at least you now know his stratagem. He wants you to shift blame. Plus, you’re only a couple seconds away from respawn, and now you know he’s there. Neither fear nor confusion will take hold of you now! 
2. By necessity, he’s lightly armoured with a slow weapon that lacks reach. Kick him if he charges you. Duck his horizontal swings; chamber his vertical ones. If you have the weapon for it, chamber-morph his swings into thrusts, since you want him to thrust with his maul. If you have a shield, hold it in front of you while you make space for your allies to surround him. Even if he kicks you, that means he is currently not swinging his maul at you. 
3. Don’t all rush through the doorways at once. Let allies through, to avoid that situation in the previous section. If the first one through the door backs up or gets killed immediately, you have a good idea of what’s coming, and space to retreat. 
4. If Bloodlust Maul Dude turns up on an open map like Camp or Crossroads, he made a blunder. Throw things at him. Stand back and let allies shoot arrows at him. If he has no leg armour, he’ll fall to a single beartrap (though this works better if his side is on offence, and you know of his presence). At the very least, you’ll have the space to surround him. 
4a) If you see someone with light or no armour and a maul, it’s safe to assume it’s this guy. Plus, seeing him means he’s already lost the element of surprise. 
5. If he’s backing up while looking at you, he may try to throw the maul as something last-ditch. Even if he’s retreating, don’t relax until he’s turned a corner. 

Always Remember:

Even if your side loses, it was still a bunch of random people up against another bunch of random people. The important thing was if you pulled off something impressive. If you got a screenshot or a video of it, so much the better! 




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