Fallout 4 How to Create and Install Mods + Video Tutorial

Fallout 4 How to Create and Install Mods + Video Tutorial 1 - steamsplay.com
Fallout 4 How to Create and Install Mods + Video Tutorial 1 - steamsplay.com

Good Mod list to make your game more immersive, better looking and more fun! This Guide does not guide you on how to mod but what to mod into your game, i might add instructions on how to get started on modding in Fallout later on but there are many good videos on youtube that i recommend watching for the complete idea on getting started, i have also added a link to one of the videos that helped me out when i started.

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Here is a good video to get started on modding:

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Start Me Up – [nexusmods.com]

With this mod you can start out however you want & not have to worry about the main quest.

Fallout Unofficial Patch – [nexusmods.com]

Fixes lots of things in the game highly recommended to download.

Hudframework – [nexusmods.com]

Highly recommended to use with some of the mods in this list.

See Through Scopes – [nexusmods.com]

Makes it so that you can see through the scopes ingame instead of having a overlay.

Reverb And Ambience Overhaul – [nexusmods.com]

Makes interiour sounds more realistic.

Fallout 2287 – Gas Masks Of The Wasteland – [nexusmods.com]

Now npcs have to use gas masks in bad storms and highly radiated times and areas.

Fallout 2287 – Nuclear Winter – [nexusmods.com]

Winter is now in the commonwealth & you have to keep yourself warm and safe.

Nac – Natural And Atmospheric Commonwealth – [nexusmods.com]

Really good weather, lighting and visual overhaul to fallout 4.

Nac & Fallout 2287 Gas Masks Patch – [nexusmods.com]

Makes the two mods work better with each other.

FX0X01 Weapons – [nexusmods.com]

For Weapons i recommend downloading this persons weapon mods.

Winter Redone – [nexusmods.com]

Makes the commonwealth snowy and fitting nicely with the nuclear winter mod

Winter Commonwealth Pines – [nexusmods.com]

Adds nice looking snowy pines trees to the commonwealth.

The Mercenary – [nexusmods.com]

Good outfit pack i would personally use.

Campsite – [nexusmods.com]

With all these mods you gotta keep yourself warm in the wintery commonwealth & one way of doing that is by putting up a fireplace and camping.

Mutant Menagerie – [nexusmods.com]

Adds more animals to the game.

Horizon – [nexusmods.com]

Large overhaul to the game.

Immersive Hud – [nexusmods.com]

You can hide your hud with this but also put it back when you want to.

Sim Settlements – Conqueror – [nexusmods.com]

Out of all the Sim settlement mods i decided to pick this one because all settlements are pre built & building up in levels even more during your game.

Classic Holstered Weapons System – [nexusmods.com]

Adds in an engine level system that holsters npc’s and your weapons.

More Feral Ghouls – [nexusmods.com]

Adds in more variety of feral ghouls.

Zombie Walkers] – [nexusmods.com]

Overhauls the feral ghouls.

Raider Overhaul WIP] – [nexusmods.com]

Overhauls the raiders.

Super Mutant Redux] – [nexusmods.com]

Overhauls the super mutants.

Live Dismemberment – [nexusmods.com]

You can now mutilate your enemies, yay!

Immersive Fallout – [nexusmods.com]

Makes your fallout experience more realistic.

Npcs travel – [nexusmods.com]

Adds over 300 npcs to travel over Commonwealth, Nuka world and Far Harbor

Realistic Death Physics – [nexusmods.com]

Makes all death physics more realistic.

Dynamic Music Overhaul – [nexusmods.com]

Changes how games music system behaves in a good way.

Enhanced lights and fx – [nexusmods.com]

makes more atmospheric and realistic lightings.

Animated chems redone – [nexusmods.com]

Makes most of the chems in-game animated.

Immersive animation framework – [nexusmods.com]

Makes lots of foods and drinks in the game animated. Requires F4SE version of the game!

Smokeable Cigars – [nexusmods.com]

Allows you to smoke cigarettes, cigars and joints.

Tactical distraction system – [nexusmods.com]

Adds in-game a tactical distraction system.

Backpacks of the commonwealth – [nexusmods.com]

Backpacks backpacks come get your backpacks!

Knockout Framework – [nexusmods.com]

Adds in a new feature where you can knockout npcs or get knocked out. Requires F4SE version of the game.

Pack Attack NPC edition – [discord.com]

In this discord server you can download Pack Attack NPC edition which is a very good overhaul to npcs combat.

Crime And Punishment – [discord.gg]

In this discord server you can download Crime and punishment which adds in overhaul to the game over making bad decisions, doing bounty hunting & more.

Bullet Time – [nexusmods.com]

Slows the games time by a click of a button, i would use this over the vats.

Fallout 4 How to Create and Install Mods + Video Tutorial - ‏‏‎ ‎ - 8E24E5A

If you have any questions or want more good mod recommendations don’t be afraid to ask in the comments or add me to discuss, Also this mod list will be updated over time.

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Fallout 4 How to Create and Install Mods + Video Tutorial - ‏‏‎ ‎ - 3E994DD

Fallout 4 How to Create and Install Mods + Video Tutorial - ‏‏‎ ‎ - 5131D27

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Written by Nico

Here we come to an end for Fallout 4 How to Create and Install Mods + Video Tutorial hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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