Black Mesa Achievement save file guide

Black Mesa Achievement save file guide 1 -
Black Mesa Achievement save file guide 1 -

What is your most frustrating achievement? This save is here for you!

About the save

This "mod" is my saved file from the game. You don't want to replay this part just for one achievement. Nevermind!
Where should I place the save?
YOUR INSTALL LOCATION\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms\save
Okay, save has been placed. How do you get this achievement?
Start the machine and achievement will be achieved once it shoots.
Why should you give your save file away?
Take a look at my Nexus profile. It's not the first game I have saved to nexus.
Link to download the mod – []
*Don't forget my comment section isn't democracy. People have made negative comments about my save files in recent times. If you don't like the save file because "others must work for it", your comment will be deleted.


Written by Kroko[SVK]

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