Black Mesa How to tame a knock houndeye

Black Mesa How to tame a knock houndeye 1 -
Black Mesa How to tame a knock houndeye 1 -
How to tame one SAFELY w/ your ears and legs attached


What to do first

gain your pet’s trust. give it a pickle to tell it you trust it. let it play your dance dance revolution game to tell it that you and your knock houndeye have no beef and can share anything. 
clip some of the sharp areas with a nail clipper, because it’s not healthy for a growing knock houndeye to have them. don’t let them grow them big, but don’t remove all of them. they won’t grow back and you’ll be left with a normal houndeye. I figured this out the hard way. I figured out to do this by examining how the father knock houndeyes try to pluck some off with their mouths. 
pet your knock houndeye twice a day until you two get to know each other. then pet them once a day. no more than that and then they will grow red into an untamable exploding houndeye (if left alone for an hour after over-petting). 

What toys to buy for your knock houndeye

1. dog toys, especially big ones. trust me, it’ll gain trust the most. 
2. dance dance revolution pads and a monitor. don’t ask me why my knock houndeye wants to play dance dance revolution. 
3. a TV. knock houndeyes like nature documentaries on xen creatures. you hear me? XEN CREATURES. no chicken or pigs. trust me, if you want your legs, do not show any nature documentaries on normal creatures (except for bulls, but no cows) 
4. a pickle. this is kind of a last resort thing only because it’s one time use. if you want to get out of the backyard alive, no cucumbers 

What to feed your knock houndeye?

this is one of the most asked questions when taking care of a baby knock houndeye. 
feed them soft foods until they are the size of a normal houndeye then feed them semi-hard foods. once they are adults, you can feed them hard foods. 
I recommend fruits/fruit-flavored-food or veggies. for a drink, I prefer using orange juice or water. no coke, though. if you let them get into the dr. pepper or sprite, they won’t stop creating shockwaves and their brains will basically turn into someone who has dementia’s brain (what I’m saying is their brain will deteriorate/rot). 
while their eating, play Al Bowlly’s heartaches or some music from video games. 

How to know when your knock houndeye isn’t growing/growing

how to know when your knock houndeye’s growth is being stunted: 
when your pet starts vomiting and starting to make a gas which will smell like the devil itself. trust me, you’ll know. 
how to know when he IS growing: 
your houndeye will sleep a lot more when he is growing (especially as a baby knock houndeye) and he will not create the gas. he will look like he is trying to eat an invisible pizza. 
you cannot make your knock houndeye grow unless you feed it more. 

When you are doing too much of something

if you feed your knock houndeye too much, it will look a lot like the food you are feeding it. 
if you are giving it too many toys, it will shake a lot, but not make a shockwave. 

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