Black Mesa Face-poser Basic Tutorial for Black Mesa Guide

Black Mesa Face-poser Basic Tutorial for Black Mesa Guide 1 -
Black Mesa Face-poser Basic Tutorial for Black Mesa Guide 1 -

Ladies and gentlemen here is the final Face-poser tutorial for Black Mesa, Teaching you the final basics!


In this final tutorial you will be learning the rest of the tools in faceposer, this will help you make convincing choreography and make multi-person vcd’s.
In this guide you will learn:
-Alternate methods for sound-scripting and using phoneme editor.
-Learn npc gestures.
-Learn “Lookat” actor functions.
-Learn Move to entity commands.
-Learn “Face actor” commands.
-Learn artificial intelligence scripting.
-Learn .bsp association.
-Learn scene ramp.
-Learn action-specific ramps.
-Learn .mdl association and multi-person, multi-model choreography.
-Learn how to implement said .vdc into the hammer editor.
-Reminder on how to change skins for differentiation.
-Reminder on how to change actor positions.
-Reminder on how to build scenes.image
-Other smaller features

Final Video Tutorial

Here is my final video on how to complete the introduction features at hand.
THIS IS A VERY LONG VIDEO. As a result of all the content packed into the lesson.
Here is a manifest of the timestamps for the video!
Soundscript Phenome Method 0:00-12:50
& Basic Viewport Movement
Gestures 12:50-16:27
Look at actor commands 16:27-20:45
& Ramp Example
Move to Actor commands 20:45-24:16
Face actor Commands 24:16-27:09
Artificial Intelligence Integration 27:09-29:36
Flex-Animation (Facial Animation) 29:36-35:20
Associating a .bsp 35:20-37:24
Multi-character-choreography 37:24-42:46
Scenes.image and implementation 42:46-44:24
of .vcd
Usage in hammer 44:24-58:26
& Conclusion
——————————————- – [] 


After watching this video, you should be able to understand almost every concept in faceposer. After watching all three of my face-poser tutorials. You should be able to make convincing choreography while also creating your own methods on how you go about making choreography. You should also be able to explore the other features of faceposer with more ease as you know your immediate surroundings in the ui. I hope you found this guide helpful!
If you ever need a refresher these videos will always be here!
I will be making more source engine tutorials soon!
Did you like the tutorial? Let me know, favorite, like, and or dislike. Leave a comment!
Have any questions? Here’s how to contact me:
Discord server: – [] 
Steam account: – [] 


Hope you enjoy the post for Black Mesa Face-poser Basic Tutorial for Black Mesa Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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