L.A. Noire How to Fix Lag on Windows 10

L.A. Noire How to Fix Lag on Windows 10 1 - steamsplay.com
L.A. Noire How to Fix Lag on Windows 10 1 - steamsplay.com

Disclaimer: I have an old AMD CPU, I didnt try this for intel but I suppose that if you run into the same problem as I did, this should work as well.
After a lot of research I found that this game uses mostly the first core of the CPU and even if you set the threading to “Multi”, it still uses the first core. This is a problem if you have an older CPU like I do, and just the windows applications and other background apps also want to use the first core of the CPU.
If you are running into low FPS and a CPU usage of 100% on the first core of the CPU (this can be seen using something like MSI Afterburner) try the following:
-Run the game.
-Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the task manager
-Go to “Details”
-Search for the process called “LANoire.exe”, right click on it
-Select set priority and set it to “High”
-Press right click again on the process called “LANoire.exe”
-Select set affinity and uncheck CPU0 (and CPU 1 if you have more than 2 cores).
After doing that you can close the task manager and resume the game, the performance should increase as it now uses to run other cores that were not being used much.
My CPU is an old AMD FX-6300 and even though i knew that it was more than capable to run this game i couldnt get more than 22fps in game without doing the steps mentioned (even setting all the graphics to low and changing resolution didnt improve the performance). After this i could get it to run perfectly (30FPS fixed at 1080p or even 60fps with the patch that unlocks the framerate).
The downside to this solution is that you need to do this every time you run the game, but the performance improvement is worth the trouble.
Hope this helps somebody!


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