Terra Invicta Alien threat level overview guide

Terra Invicta Alien threat level overview guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Terra Invicta Alien threat level overview guide 1 - steamsplay.com

This guide is meant for a quick overview of alien threat levels. It can be used to provide early game tips and help those who encounter aliens unintentionally.

The Intel Page

Your best friend in the fight against aliens is the Intel page. It can be found next to the Research Page.
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You will be greeted by the factions page and a number of buttons when you click on it. This will only be the Aliens tab on the Intel pages. It's the first button on this page.
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Alien Threat

The Alien threat can be identified by 5 colored dots located at the top of the Intel tab's Alien tab. They are called "Estimated Alien Risk Level".
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The picture shows that 4 of the 5 dots are colored. These dots were originally not colored, but if they are attracted to you each dot will become a signifying the threat level.
There are 6 ways the threat level can rise:

  • Station building
  • Outpost building
  • Fleet building
  • Constant attacks on the Servers
  • Direct attacks on Alien ships
  • Certain story missions/council missions

The first three are easy to understand. You can increase the threat level by building outposts, stations, and ships. It is not difficult. In my game, I was able create 5 stations, 13 posts, and 1 ship, and the threat levels increased by just 1 point. Early game, you want to keep your threat levels as low as possible. Due to the last point on my list, I wouldn't jump up to 2 points of danger level.
You should be able colonize Mars completely without alien attention. However, it's best to wait until you unlock a tech that allows for more expansion without alien attention. You can make enough money to sustain yourself and build a stockpile. However, I prefer to only take 3 spots on Mars and search for good asteroids.
Now it's on to Constant attacks against the Servers
Affair against the Servants can cause aliens to be pissed off. This does not include Councilor missions such a Detaining or Assassination of Tech Stealing, Tech Sabotage or Org Stealing. It refers to direct (military) action against CPs they own. The more you declare war upon territories they hold and then flip them over to your control via military actions, the more attention you will get from the Aliens.
The game will notify you through a councilor. However, it is very easy to overlook. Keep in mind that the more military action taken against their CPs, you will be closer to increasing the threat level and bringing about the aliens.
Direct attacks on Alien ships It is easy to explain again. It is best to avoid fighting them from the beginning to the middle of the game. This means you don't need to send any fleets to engage theirs or build your ships in Earth orbit so that they can "accidentally", fly into yours and begin combat. According to my recent research, they just need to engage, evade or leave combat, and your threat level will rise by 2 or 3 points.
According to what others have posted on the forums, and what I found, the best solution is for your Shipyard station to be built in a Lagrange location.
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You don't run the risk that other Factions might try to flip your station to them, and you won’t have any "accidental” encounters with the alien fleets.
And last but not least, Certain story missions/council missions

This spoiler is about the story. I won't go into detail except what the missions want you to do

The final way (that I know) to increase threat level is when (completes 2 story missions (1, which can be repeated however many times you like).
The first mission will require that you assassinate a foreign agent. They usually spawn right next to alien encounters so you'll need to use "Investigate Councilor", to locate the agent.
The threat level does not rise by itself. I did it myself.
I have not yet found a reason not to kill more than one (. The mission required), not only because they have a high Security level, but also because there are too many negatives to messing up with them in the early game.
The second mission will require that you detain an agent alien. This will increase your threat level to 4 points. I don’t know if this is a fixed jump, but I wouldn’t recommend having a threat level higher than 1 when you complete this mission. I've seen games where the alien agent slammed on me, and games where nothing happened. I only recently realized that I must keep an eye on the threat level.

Alien aggro

If you've annoyed the aliens too quickly, there is nothing you can do but to stop them.
You can just wait it out. Let them destroy all your stuff. Then, rebuild. It's not the best solution, but it's what you must do. They out-tech you, it's a losing fight to try so early.


Keep an eye out for the threat level. Do not expand too fast and ignore the solar system. Only build outposts where you have the highest income. Avoid station building and keep your ship production away from Earth's orbit. Finally, don't attack the alien Fleet early in the game. That's a death sentence.


Written by ಠ_ಠ Exil

This is all for Terra Invicta Alien threat level overview guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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