Dome Keeper Walkthrough + Upgrades + Combat

Dome Keeper Walkthrough + Upgrades + Combat 1 -
Dome Keeper Walkthrough + Upgrades + Combat 1 -

Guide for players who wish to improve their runs and increase their chances on higher difficulty levels

Beginner tips

To make it easier to understand, I'm going to try to break everything down into quick to read tips.
First, the keyboard and controller work in the same way. Both are extremely comfortable. It's up to you to decide which is more comfortable.

  • Upgrade the drill to make it your first. This will enable you to explore the map more quickly.
  • You can leave a big gap in your main road. This may take more time but will help to identify faster when you reach a straight path back to the dome.
  • By drilling two blocks in each corner, you can see any mineral that might be there.
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  • Begin with the laser to your dome. The sword can be difficult to control if it isn't properly used.


Exploration and Mining

There are several ways to accomplish this. However, this method works for both easy and medium difficulty. They take more time if you don’t have the resources to speed up your mining.

  • It is important to leave a sign that you reached the middle and straight way forward to your dome. This can be done (. If you choose the Lift upgrade), this will help.
  • To travel faster, you should destroy the corner to make it easier. The idea is to explore the map and create routes without spending too much time cleaning rocks that don't offer resources.
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  • If you don't see the main gap anymore, take a secondary route. You can move diagonally back to your dome without having to do an L shape. The straightest path between two points will be the fastest.
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  • Water (, or the sphere e17Y, is a material that doesn't help much. Prioritize finding more cubes, over anything else
  • You should upgrade the first vertical lines of your character. The drill will enable you to explore faster; it will also allow you more time under without losing hp. You will also be able carry more minerals (3 to 5 – without slowing down).


Recommendations for upgrades

This will depend on which weapon or gadget you choose, but some basics will help get you some faster results.

  • The drill should always be your first upgrade. The next step will be to decide if you have a Lift gadget. This will have some general benefits in your run.
    Your first "to finish" line of upgrades would be a combination of damage you do to your dome, vertical lines of your character, and radar to see when your enemy is near.
    The base's hp and the resource guide are not recommended for medium or hard difficulties. This is because you want to make more important upgrades faster.
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  • Never ever destroy your gadget, except when you are faced with high difficulty.
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  • Lift is the most broken. It will help you collect resources while exploring and mining and also give you an upgrade to increase your speed. This will allow for you to stay longer on deep parts without leaving earlier, defend your dome, and also allow you to drop resources.
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  • Lift is not a good place to add too many orbes. You won't be in a position to retrieve them if they grab too many resources.
  • Lift, no matter the circumstance. Don't think about anything else



This is the hardest part. It all depends on how luck you have in getting resources, as well as how fast you are in general aspects.

  • Upgrade your weapon's damage to be the first. This will enable you to kill enemies faster in your first waves and will prevent you from getting damage that you will later need to repair.
  • An aim sight upgrade is unnecessary since you can tap the shoot to see where your laser is aiming. This only applies if the laser is chosen.
    I recommend speaking with the developer if you have vision issues. We might be able to add an accessibility option so that you don't have to spend any resources on it.
  • Speed and damage are more important than the HP of a dome. Damage is more important than speed. They should balance your character's speed and the damage to your drill.
    Dome Keeper Walkthrough + Upgrades + Combat - Combat - B09B4D5
  • LIFT!
  • Your starter gadget will be based 100% on which one helps you more. I like the steam that stops timers and the extra shield. But, in easy and moderate difficulty, I find I rarely use them.



This is my first guide. The game just came out. I will keep updating the guide as I discover more and explore the game.
I'm improving my guide for complex difficulties. You can find it here. However, nothing is better than something.
Thank you for reading. C&C is always welcome.
Have fun


Hope you enjoy the post for Dome Keeper Walkthrough + Upgrades + Combat, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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