Dome Keeper Tips and Tricks to Play the Game

Dome Keeper Tips and Tricks to Play the Game 1 -
Dome Keeper Tips and Tricks to Play the Game 1 -

Here are 10 pieces of information to help you decide where to start when using the Dome Keeper.

10 Things to Know Before You Start…

Dome Keeper is a fun and challenging game that can be overwhelming for the first few times.
This list contains some knowledge that will help you make the first few drops of your quest to pillage and plunder historical relics across the galaxy.

  • The only way to death is to lose your dome.
  • A good defense is better than an offence – this game is a DPS type. (and) can do high damage, but are easy to kill. So it is better to prioritize carefully.
  • Early start – for the mining portion during the first couple waves, focus on iron squares). The other resources can be useful once you've upgraded a little.
  • You should include drill upgrade first. This allows you to mine (more efficiently and your speed to the start is dependent on drill more then flight…). Know how long you have to go home before you need it.
  • You can use the (cobalt triangles) for healing yourself if you have them. Better to have perfect health and nothing in your bank account than to die with a bag full of triangles.
  • You can Q out of battle in the middle, and quickly D into the upgrade screen to get healed. You can get killed if you don't act quickly.
  • What about those cool upgrades. While some are better than others, it's personal preference. The probe is useful, and the lift or teleporter both work well. Drilbert and blaster not so much… but have fun with them all.
  • Some upgrades you buy (e.g. Shield Overcharge) places a machine in your dome. To activate it you need to go over and hit SPACE. This isn’t easy to understand, but it is possible.
  • Unlocks can be based on how you play the game… If you use Repellant, the Orchard becomes unlocked.
  • Mining difficulty is defined by depth (as a colour) and density (() visible in the blocks. Clearing each layer by color is the most important thing to do before you go too deep. However, the biggest deposits are often more difficult to mine so when you are ready to mine more, that's when you should go deep!

Have fun


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