All Moons Information Guide in Lethal Company

All Moons Information Guide in Lethal Company 1 -
All Moons Information Guide in Lethal Company 1 -

All Moons Information Guide in Lethal Company

Ever imagined hopping from one mysterious moon to another? Let me be your guide to exploring these wonders with Lethal Company. Curious? Let’s dive in!

Where Can You Deposit Your Valuables?

Orbiting: 71-Gordion
Population: It’s a mystery!
Fauna: Beats us! Still unknown.
Conditions: Ever been in a never-ending storm? Well, here you have it with no land in sight.
Fun Fact: Got some valuable space scrap during your travels? This is your go-to moon! But remember, your return rate changes, so keep an eye on those hourly updates.

Ever Been to a Secret Moon?

Orbiting: 41-Experimentation
Population: Ghost town! Abandoned.
Fauna: Unknown, but few species seem to rule.
Conditions: Dry as a bone. And those industrial relics? Not helping.
History: Hidden behind the massive Big Grin, this secret moon has its mysteries. What was its secret purpose?

Assurance: The Twin Moon’s Mystery

Orbiting: 220-Assurance
Population: None, zilch, nada.
Fauna: It’s all territorial here. Tread carefully!
Conditions: Picture rugged, jagged landscapes. That’s Assurance for you!
History: Younger than its twin, 41-Experimentation, but discovered almost around the same time. Wonder why?

What Happened on Vow?

Orbiting: 56-Vow
Population: Abandoned. Ghostly silence reigns.
Fauna: Imagine a place teeming with plant life.
Conditions: Drying up, with memories of industrialization.
History: It used to buzz with colonies. Now? Silence and mystery envelop it.

Ready for a Challenge at Offense?

Orbiting: 21-Offense
Population: No one dares to stay!
Fauna: Tough environment, tougher lifeforms.
Conditions: Rugged terrains, echoing its twin, Assurance.
History: Seems like it was part of something bigger before. Ancient industries here whisper tales of its past.

March: The Eternal Drizzle Moon

Orbiting: 61-March
Population: Not a soul.
Fauna: We’re still guessing, but diversity seems to be the theme!
Conditions: Endless rain. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it?
History: Overshadowed by its twin, Vow, but don’t underestimate it!

Rend: The Risky Adventure

Orbiting: 85-Rend
Population: Zero.
Fauna: Life? Highly doubtful here.
Conditions: Cold, inhospitable, and blinding blizzards. Adventure, anyone?
History: Beware! Many brave souls ventured and never returned.

Dine: The Icy Enigma

Orbiting: 7-Dine
Population: None.
Fauna: Chances of complex life? Slim.
Conditions: White dwarf star’s neighbor, cold, and blinding blizzards.
History: Its reputation? Dangerous. Many famous explorers simply vanished.

Exploring Titan’s Labyrinth

Orbiting: 8-Titan
Population: None, but…
Fauna: Rumors of dangerous beings in the tunnels.
Conditions: A frozen world with a labyrinth beneath.
History: Rich in resources, but easy to get lost. Tunnels, tunnels everywhere!

Feeling adventurous? Well, these moons await! Always remember, space is full of surprises, and with Lethal Company, you’re bound to experience them all. Happy exploring!

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