All Equipment and Gear in Lethal Company

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All Equipment and Gear in Lethal Company

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Survival Essentials:

Ever thought about the must-have tools in Lethal Company? You know, those nifty gadgets that make gameplay a breeze? Let’s dive into them, shall we?

Walkie-Talkie: More than just a retro communication device! Use it to strategize with teammates or lure monsters away. Just watch the battery!

Flashlight: For those times when you’re lost in the dark. But remember, use it wisely. You wouldn’t want to run out of juice, right?

Pro-Flashlight: Got a bit of cash to spare? Upgrade to this beast! It’s brighter, better, and still battery-dependent.


Specialized Gear: Because Every Job Needs Its Tool

Lockpicker: Forget about keys! This baby can unlock doors in a jiffy. And the best part? It’s automated. Just set it and forget it.

Boombox: Not just for old-school jams. Use it as a distraction or as a beacon. And don’t forget its batteries!

TZP-Inhalant: Fancy a quick boost? Breathe this in and watch the magic unfold. Just use it wisely.

Jet-pack: Ever dreamt of flying? Here’s your chance. It might be a tad slow, but the aerial views are unbeatable!

Key: The good old trusty metal key with a twist! Unlock any door, but it’s a one-off deal. Use it wisely.

Laser Pointer: Mark your territory or just have fun. But remember, it needs power, too!

Extension Ladder: Who said reaching high places was tough? With this, the sky’s the limit!


Offensive Gear

Need to hold your own in a fight? Check out these badass weapons:

Shovel: More than just for digging! Smack those critters, but perhaps not the big ones, okay?

Stop-Sign: Surprisingly handy. And, it makes a statement!

Stun Grenade: Need a breather? Toss this and watch your foes freeze.

Zap Gun: Ever wanted to channel your inner superhero? Zap away, but keep an eye on the power.


Deck Out Your Ship: Because Style Matters

Loud Horn: Make an entrance, or just have some fun. Either way, it’s a blast!

The Console Teleporter: Next-Level Transport

Step up your game with this high-tech device. Teleport in style, but remember, it comes at a cost – your gear stays behind!


How to Enhance Your Look with Cosmetic Items

Ever wondered how to jazz up your style with some cool cosmetic items? Let’s dive in!

Table: You know that old, quirky table? It’s more than a spot to drop your keys. Crafted by an Australian with a love for the game of chance, this table has a tale to tell. Its creator, battling a gambling habit, poured his heart into it. But beware, it’s said to conceal secrets only known to a shadowy group. Curious? Better not to dig too deep.

TV: And then, there’s that mysterious little TV. No brand, no origin, but it powers up with a touch! It shows odd kid’s shows, with strange characters linked to ‘The Company’. A bit creepy, right? Maybe don’t watch it too long…

Toilet: How about a futuristic loo? Made by Nanotrasen, this portable toilet is a marvel of technology. It’s even rumored to whisper Todd Howard’s voice if you listen closely. Talk about high-tech!

Cozy Lights: Outdoor lights that don’t just brighten up the place, they survive lightning! But don’t think about taking them off the ship. That’s a big no-no.

Shower: A shower stall, plain and simple. If you’re always online, you might not know it, but it’s for a quick clean-up.

Clown Horn: Found on salvage runs, it’s a tribute to the Honk Mother. Honk Honk Henk Hrnk! A bit of fun in the cosmic chaos.

Air Horn: Also found in salvage, this horn’s great for pranks. But it has a secret trick at the company sales desk. Intrigued?

Green Suit: This sleek, green space suit is all about style and function. No frills, just fit and finesse.

Hazard Suit: The yellow hazmat space suit. Ready for any Green Lantern you might stumble across. Safety first!

Pajama Suit: A blue, polka-dotted comfy suit. It’s your way of saying, ‘I’m staying put in the ship today.’

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