Dome Keeper How to Unlock (Quick Finish) Achievement

Dome Keeper How to Unlock (Quick Finish) Achievement 1 -
Dome Keeper How to Unlock (Quick Finish) Achievement 1 -

Speedrun Achievement Tips and Tricks – Even though it's quite easy

What is the point?

Dome Keeper How to Unlock (Quick Finish) Achievement - What the heck is it? - B78A819
This is the goal we are trying to achieve. Although it is a fairly easy accomplishment, it still took me a few runs. This guide is for those who would like just to do one run.

What is the prep, you ask?

(, i hope i didn't have this) You 're going to be on Relic Hunt.
The loadout I used in-game was the Sword Dome with Shield gadget (. It was probably a bad idea in retrospect.
It does 't matter what dome you choose. It is your personal preference.
Gadgets can be similar in that they are mostly for personal preference. However, there are a few benefits to be aware of.

  • Shield will ensure that your dome health is not a concern
  • Repellent gives you more time to dig towards the relic (. However, i'm not sure if its worth it considering the recharge rate)
  • Orchard is probably the best option for this. Since we won't be upgrading our setup much, the speed + mining boost will come in extremely handy.

For the world as a whole, you gonna want a Small World on Normal Difficulty It should be quite obvious why both are important.
I did this without modifiers. Don't be afraid to get lost in the maze.
If you are struggling with this achievement, I recommend deliberately dying in another run. This will allow you to have the mining explosives or Ya boi Drillbert, which will be handy to bring over to this challenge. Lift, i guess, can be used to increase your speed when flying upwards. However, we won't have enough materials, so it will likely be ineffective.

Okay, I'm in it… Now What?

So, you want to inspect the top few layers of iron (. You will need yellow cubes for everything). However, these first few rows are easy to dig material.
If you don't need the cobalt for repair, ignore (.
There are only TWO Upgrade options that you could ever want to invest in, except the (Hostile Radar Upgrade, which allows you to see the enemy wave coming)
Baby speed and drill strength
If you have to pick between the two, go with the former as it will be essential as you go down. Because we won't be using a lot of resources, we need to consolidate as much as possible. This means there is no resource counter nor health meter. They might be quite expensive, but 1-2 Iron can make all the difference.
This is it. Simply do Minecraft's most serious sin and begin digging down until you find one of the Relics Activators, the actual relic, or rock bottom.
For further speed increases, (allow you to bring any iron that you've found on your journey back up the death pit. However, it is best to grab it when you are actually going up and not just returning to depot the iron.)
That's it. You don't need an upgrade to your domes weapon or any other equipment to fight off the waves.
The results are simple. It only takes trial and error to learn what to make, but this guide is there so you don't have to go through that trial-and error.
Anyway, I hope that this helps you. 🙂


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