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This is Part 2 from the Beginner’s Guide. It can also be found here
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Managing Nations


You may be able to control a Control Point (CP) once your Control Nation missions have resolved. CP refers to the various institutions or elements that contain a nation’s power. Each country has between 1 and 6. Larger nations with more powerful economies will have higher CP. This means it is more difficult for them to control more powerful countries.

The (, or the highest CP in a nation with only one, is the Executive CP. It represents the most powerful office(s) of the nation. You can only try to control a nation with multiple CPs if there is at least one other CP. In the example below, we have taken only one CP in Sweden. We now have the Executive as our next target.

If you don’t end up with CP in your first Councilor Phase, it’s okay. You can simply repeat the process (, perhaps hiring another councilor to assist) until finally, you get CP. It is also possible to boost the mission by spending Influence.

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Control CP lets you affect the nation’s Priorities. These are what determine where their national budget will go. They will default to your Factions default Priority Template. But you can change them by clicking the pips next to each category – these work in much the same manner as in Research. So for example, 50% per CP is in a country with 2 CP and 25% per CP is in a country with 4.), the pips are split according to their distribution. Uncontrolled CPs will have a default Priority configuration based upon the country’s real-world policies.

Once you have the Executive CP for a nation, it will be possible to adjust its foreign policy. This can be done via the Relations tab. Once you have taken control of the executive CP, a Manage button will appear. You can use Influence to change your stance toward other nations, from Allied or Neutral to Rival. Changes have a cooling off, so it is worth planning ahead.

You can use the Set National Policy mission to perform other important policy changes once you have the Executive CP.

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Consolidating Power

Once you have established a foothold with some CPs, your next priority should not be to try to take complete control of some of these countries.

Nations with 2 CP make the best candidates for this. If you have the first one no other factions can claim the Executive CP if uncontrolled (. This is because it requires at least 1 CP.

You might encounter larger nations where another faction ends up with a CP. This means you have only partial control over the country, even if your Executive CP is obtained. This is where Crackdown or Purge missions come in.

The crackdown may be used to disable or weaken a CP controlled by an enemy faction. This will make it easier to use Purge. Crackdown-affected CP will have the Crackdown icon on their Nation Panel and a yellow/orange symbol next to their on-map CP.

Purge allows you to take control over a CP that is controlled by an enemy faction. Control Nation is the same as Control Nation. To take control of an executive CP, you must control at least one other CP in your nation. It is easier to execute Purge mission against CP affected by Crackdown.

(missions Crackdown, Purge, and many others) are easier to execute in countries with high Public support. The Public Campaign mission can increase that, and it is highly recommended to use it if you’re trying to go after larger () nations or enemy CP in nations with high Public Support for their faction.

The Defend Interests symbol is also visible on the Nation Panel or on CP. This icon can be found as the mission icon and shield next to CP on the Nation Panel. Defending Interests is a mission that adds this modifier to any CP you control in the target nation. Any CP affected by this modifier becomes a more challenging target for Crackdown and Purge missions. The modifier expires after a specified period.

Planning for the long term

After the first month, you should be able to control at least one country. With some initial footholds established, it is worthwhile to take a step back, and think about what you will need to fight the aliens in the longer term.

First, Resources is something we should be considering. This will refer to the Space Resources displayed on the right-hand side of the Resource Panel. In the short term, however, it will refer Money or Influence.

The Technology will be the second thing we need. This will allow us to expand our council and advance the story missions. It will also help us put the resources over to better use. Technology will allow us to expand into the Solar System and design and build Spaceships. We can also fight the aliens better on a longer term basis.

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  • Money may be obtained from councilors, as well as from nations through the Funding or Spoils priorities. It is useful for Direct Investment, acquiring Orgs and later for various costs associated with space assets. It is also vital for Boosting Public Campaign missions.
  • Influence allows you to receive a share of global Public Support. It is necessary to acquire Orgs or Direct Investment, hire Councilors and certain new Councilor traits. It can also help to boost the Control Nation and Purge missions.
  • Ops was primarily obtained via councilors and, more specifically (relevant Orgs. It is used to boost missions, especially those targeting enemy councilors and assets.
  • Boost may be gained by certain Orgs, which are either assigned to councilors or from countries with space launch infrastructure. At the beginning of the game, the key players are the USA and Japan, China, India, and any nation in Eurasian Union (weighed to the larger members). Boost is crucial for space expansion.

All of these resources have uses beyond the ones mentioned above. Having some can also be useful in Events.

Control Points Capacity, the last Resource you should be considering in the longer term, is Control Points Capacity. This is basically a cap on the number of nations/CPs you have effective control over. Certain councilor Attributes and Technology can increase it.


Although your initial research will focus on simple projects to provide resources and global tech awareness about the Aliens, you will eventually want to begin directing your research with specific goals.

We can broadly classify early technology into three broad categories.

The first ones will directly benefit your expansion and operations on Earth. These include the ‘Clandestine Cells’ project to recruit a 5th councilor, the Commercial/Audience/Operations/Management Research ones providing additional resources, and others with similar bonuses.

These technologies are the second, and they open the door to serious expansion of the Solar System. This includes technologies that increase the amount you get, create Orgs giving Boost, reduce the amount needed for sending payloads outside Earth Orbit, and, most importantly, those that let you send probes and later build bases or mines on the Moon.

The last category relates to stories that will help your faction uncover more about our “guests” and their possible goals. I recommend these (, unless the cost is prohibitive). Only by understanding the enemy can we begin to fight them.

Remember that you can choose the next slot by contributing the most Research Points towards a Global Research. This is a very powerful way to work towards technology that will help you achieve your long-term goals.

Developing Councilors

Once your councilors are done with their missions, it’s worth going back to the Council Panel and looking at their pages.

There are two ways you can improve your councilors. You can use the Augment buttons to spend XP on their Attributes, Traits, and by acquiring Orgs for them.


Augment allows you to spend XP (() and sometimes other Resources, like Influence), to either improve their Attributes up to a maximum limit of 25, or to buy new Traits or improve existing ones. You should focus on improving Attributes that help you with the mission types that you run with that councilor or on improving Administration. This will allow you to control more Orgs and improve your CP Capacity resource.


Orgs can be seen on the right-hand side of the page. Orgs assigned to this councilor are shown in the upper part, while Orgs that are available for acquisition or unassigned are shown in both the lower and upper halves.

Orgs are shown with their name, icon, 1-3 stars to indicate their level, small icons that show what they do and the cost. This cost is usually in Money, Influence, but sometimes other resources are used. You can hover over an Org to see more about its bonuses and any additional requirements (e.g. some orgs require that you have the Government trait X17Y).

An Org must have the same Org Capacity (that is based on Administration attribute ()) as their icon. If you have enough Org Capacity to acquire an Org and sufficient Resources, the icon will be highlighted in brighter colours in the Org Panel.

Keeping track of what Orgs are being offered each month is worthwhile.

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