Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game

Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 3 -
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 3 -
This is a guide on how to easily obtain top score as heavy regardless of skill level. This guide isn’t meant to help you be a better heavy overall, but rather it is a guide on how to get tons of points while still being useful towards your team by abusing in-game mechanics.


Step 1: Choose Heavy

So you want to top score as heavy right? First you have to pick the big lug himself. While you don’t have to main heavy to play as him, it is recommended that you are at least semi decent at tracking and have good situational awareness. 
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 
Some people absolutely hate playing as the lovable big guy, but I love his playstyle and am hoping to share some secrets on how to still be credit to team and top the scoreboard even if you aren’t the best player by abusing some simple mechanics. Be warned that playing heavy the way described in this guide requires extraordinarily large amounts of patience and it isn’t for everyone. 

Step 2: Play Payload

Now everyone probably knows this, but payload is one of the best modes in the game for most classes, and heavy is no exception. The Payload cart is one of the best ways to gain points for heavy in the game, so this mode should be the primary game mode that you play. I’m not just specifically talking about sitting on the cart and I will cover what I mean later in great detail. 
Good Payload Maps Attributes For Heavy: 
-Semi-Close Quarters 
-Long Cart Path/Multiple Checkpoints 
-Low Walking Distance After Respawning 
-Multiple Health Kits In Same Area 
-Predictable Sniper Sightlines 
-Level Ground 
-Head Level Boxes/Terrain 
-Flank Routes That Allow You To Be A Useful Uber Target 
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 
Basically these maps. The other maps that are excluded are essentially a nightmare for heavy to play on, whether they be too open, too enclosed, or simply don’t reward heavy enough for playing the objective. I will note that the large majority of maps are perfectly fine to play on as heavy on DEFENSE but terrible on OFFENSE

Step 3: Choose The Correct Loadout

Now I know that not everyone prefers the same weapons/playstyles/ect, but this guide is specifically showing how to top score everytime. The absolute best loadout in order to do that is Tomislav/Banana/Fists of Steel and I will explain why. 
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 
You equip the tomislav because… 
The tomislav gives heavy much higher damage and accuracy at mid range. While you may think of heavy as a incredibly strong close range power class, heavy actually functions better as a mid range dps deterrent class. Your main goal isn’t to jump in to get frags, but rather stay in the middle of your team and let the soldiers/demos deal burst damage to whittle the enemy down as you pepper them at mid range and rack up the assists/kills that they missed while at the same time protecting your squishy support classes from flanks. Of course you still have incredibly strong close range power, but the tomislavs ability to let you safely play the mid range game without sacrificing your close range game is what makes it so strong. It lets you stay at a safe distance/mid range while still being useful which is amazing for racking up assists/kills even when you aren’t in the enemies face. This will inadvertently let you live longer as well because you are in safer positions then the minigun would allow. 
You get 1 point per kill and 1 point per 2 assists.  
You equip the banana because… 
The second banana has an incredibly short recharge rate, 8 seconds. This lets you effectively throw a banana down to help your team every 8 seconds during times where you aren’t in a fire fight. While the banana doesn’t heal as much as the sandvich it still gives you 1 FULL POINT every time you heal an ally who has been damage by an enemy, which the sandvich also does BUT EVERY 30 SECONDS INSTEAD OF 8. In addition, the banana also has amazing self heal which lets you survive far longer then the other lunchbox weapons. I CANT OVERSTATE HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO USE THE BANANA. IT IS THAT IMPORTANT IN THIS GUIDE. 
So every 8 seconds you could theoretically get 1 banana point 
You equip the Fists of Steel because… 
The FoS lets you run away from encounters that you would normally die against. The entire goal of this playstyle of heavy is to live long enough to abuse the points that the second banana awards so living longer is more bananas tossed which means more points gained. The FoS also has the added benefit of letting you live far longer when pushing the cart, which is another great way to farm points as heavy. 

Step 4: Play The Objective

This is arguably the best way for any class to get points, its just that heavy naturally stays by the objective anyway. There are multiple ways to play the objective rather then push the cart and I will cover them below. Pushing the cart wont always work against a good team/on defense so heavy has to abuse other mechanics to get what he craves 
On Offense 
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 
The Cart Gives 2 Points Every 8 Seconds You Are On It 
You have 300 HP so you might as well abuse it. Equipping the Fists Of Steel and walking with the cart is one of the easiest ways to gain points in the game. The Fists of Steels damage resistance coupled with the carts healing will let you gain points indefinitely as long as you aren’t knocked off the cart or killed. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PERMANENTLY GLUE YOURSELF TO THE CART TO THE POINT OF GETTING KILLED. THE SECONDS ADD UP OVER TIME. DO NOT SUICIDE FOR 2 POINTS. The points are more of a benefit to heavy after a successful push or during a steamroll. 
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 
Example: Pushing the cart by yourself to the first checkpoint on badwater awards 12 POINTS 
Tap The Cart On Checkpoints 
Being on the cart while it passes a checkpoint awards anyone on the cart at the time 2 points. This means that you can let others push it close to the the checkpoint and then tap it in when the team pushes. It may not seem like much, but most maps have 4+ checkpoints and these points STACK with cart points. 
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 
On Defense 
Defend the Cart 
Every time you block the carts path with your body while an enemy is pushing it you gain 2 points. This is on a short cooldown, but its barely noticeable. While this may seem dangerous, it can turn your 1 kill on the cart into 3 points multiple times throughout the game. Not only that, but defending is one of the few things heavy absolutely excels at. You should almost always be around the cart as heavy on defense and simply tapping it then running away still rewards 2 points if you decide you cant win the fight. 

Step 5: Abuse The Banana

The banana is bonkers for point farming, Like arguably the best weapon in the game for it. 
Using the banana, you get 1 point every time you… 
-Heal 600 total hp when self healing 
-Heal 600 total hp of your teammates when tossing the banana to them 
-Heal an ally who has been damaged by an enemy for any amount with a tossed banana(Avoid soldiers/demos jumping to the frontline) 
-Extinguish an ally with a tossed banana (This stacks with the above) 
Noone has any way of telling if you killed someone to get a point or just fed your 124 hp scout a banana. 
While the above may seem selfish, your teammates wont mind eating 2 bananas as long as they get their health back and you arent stealing med-large health kits. Camping small health kits has no downside to your own team and most teammates will actually appreciate you tossing them food, as it technically brings the health pack closer to them. 
A big issue that I see people doing is not knowing where to toss the banana. Its really simple, just toss it in areas that have high foot traffic, are close to combat, and in places where people expect health already. 
Some good examples of places where to toss the banana that your team will appreciate you for are by health kits, chokepoints, and in dispensers. 
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 
This also allows heavy to help his team when he cant peek sniper sight lines or doesn’t want to re position himself. This play style is actually encouraged in most situations as your team basically has a lvl 3 sentry spawning small health kits near them every 8 seconds.  

Step 6: Play Passive, Live Longer

The longer you stay alive, the more chances you have to gain points. While you may not get the sick frags that the other classes get, you’ll be outscoring them by leaps and bounds as long as you follow a couple rules and keep feeding your teammates bananas. 
Avoid Sniper Sight Lines 
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 
Swiftwater is an example of a terrible heavy map for this reason 
30. HP means nothing to a bullet through the head. Stay out sight from common sniper sight lines even if it means sacrificing cart points. There is nothing you can do to a sniper other then avoid him. 
Take Cover By Head Level Terrain 
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 
The Best Spot To Camp On Pier First 
Find places that you can shoot from while simultaneously reducing your hit box. If you don’t know how eye-glitching works, the above is a prime example and one of the best spots in the game. This usually comes in the form of boxes, stairs, or windows. These spots let you kill players while also allowing you to reduce the amount of damage that you take from them, making them the best spots for heavies to camp around. Bonus points if the spot is near ammo/health or by common engi nest locations. 
Always Stay In The Middle Of Your Team 
As a heavy you should almost always be in the middle of your team rather then the front lines. Don’t put yourself at risk when you don’t have to. Play right behind your demos/soldiers as a dps support class. You are there to provide support fire and watch the flanks. This also adds a small protection towards spies, as you will almost always have someone both in front and behind you to warn you/kill the spy. 

Step 7: Topscore And Review Your Play

If you have followed all the steps that I have shown, you have probably already doubled your points as heavy. Hop into servers and assert dominance through your superior knowledge of banana farming and passive play. 
Example of Passive Heavy Scoreboard 
Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game 
This was 4 rounds of me playing Pier using my guidelines 
It seems like I got all my points from my kills right? Well lets do some quick math. 
In the above image I fed my teammates a maximum of 79 bananas. (79 points) 
In the above image I healed myself for 1690 (2 points lol) 
In the above image I killed 150 players (150 points or 37.5 kills per round) 
In the above image I got 40 assists (20 points or 10 assists per round) 
In the above image I destroyed 15 buildings (15 points) 
In the above image I got 35 cart points (70 points for maximum 280 seconds on cart) 
In the above image I defended the cart 4 times (8 points) 
In the above image I healed my allies XXX amount with the banana (Number Unknown) 
So if we compare raw kills vs support points (assists/bananas/cart points/healing) 
We have 150/397 points being from directly killing enemies or 38% of all points received coming from kills while a whopping 62% of my points were from supporting my team/playing the objective/feeding bananas instead of killing enemies. 
If i were to go into greater detail on how much I abused the banana, that means that during 4 rounds of Pier I spent at maximum waiting 632 seconds for my banana to recharge. Thats 10 minutes of me tossing/eating/waiting for it to recharge! That means over 20% of my overall score was pure banana points! 
I’ve said earlier that heavy is rewarded for being passive, and I generally have the numbers to prove it every game. I hope that this guide was semi helpful to all you heavies who just want to see your name at the top of the scoreboard for once and those who didn’t understand just how strong the banana is when it comes to points. 
Anyways thanks for checking out my guide. I have been playing this game for 10 years and I thought I should share my secrets for basically top scoring all the time as heavy. I do stream my heavy gameplay on twitch all the time if you would like some video examples. 
If you have any questions/comments/criticisms feel free to voice them 

Hope you enjoy the post for Team Fortress 2 How To Top Score As Heavy Every Game, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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