Metro 2033 Will not start

Metro 2033 Will not start 1 -
Metro 2033 Will not start 1 -
Game installs and fails to launch, says it needs some Physx driver thing… WHAT??


What happened???

You spent the money and installed the game, and it will not start.. It keeps giving you some kind of Phys..something error which makes you so mad you want a refund.. What happened? 
What happen was, when the game was created, the foresight of the limitations of what they relied on for their game became a epic fail. In short, it is a epic failure to a*sume only one type of graphics card will rule any game industry. NVidia cards apparently is the only card they saw as the leading way to gaming, which in reality it is not. And never will be. I personally never owned a NVidia card in my life, I had always used Radeon cards. For the sole reason, I do not need a bunch of separate drivers to do a simple task. And I seen many of times on the forums of other games, players that run into issues and have to change out drivers or do up dates to get other games to work. My card may not be all that, but I do not have to change out nothing to play anything. Until now… 

The Information…

-What do I do, Refund? 
NO, the game is looking for the PhysXLoader.dll so it can run. It will not run with out it because the game is made to work on NVidia cards only (enhance the foresight limitations). Even tho it is made to run on a Nvidia card, it will still run on other types of graphics cards as well, all you have to do is trick it, by giving what it wants. At this point that is all the game is looking for in order for it to work. 
-What to do… 
You need to download the PhysX Drivers from I have provided a link to the driver data base needed, or you can do a search and locate it yourself. It is easy, just use what ever search you use and put in Physx drivers and you should get results to the download link. 
*WARNING Advis*ment: When doing your own search, DO NOT just get the drivers from any other web sight except from only. So make sure your going to the correct link. 
Llink Provided by me… 
>Install the drivers, the fact your not using a NVidia card is neither here nor there and will not interfere with your current graphics card drivers, and will not install the NVidia card graphics drivers because no card is present. They are just update drivers to work for the NVidia card for the PhysX Drivers. All we are trying to do is trick the game by giving what it wants.. 
once the installment is done, locate the folder “NVIDIA Corporation” and then the folder that says “Common” inside the “PhysX” Folder.. 
(your hard drive letter):\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common 
Inside the “Common” folder is the entire PhysX driver set. Your going to select all the files and copy it into the “Metro 2033” game folder itself as is. 
(your hard drive letter):\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Metro 2033\ 
The game should now start. I have done this in WIN7, and since I use two separate Hard Drives, one using WIN7 still and the other on WIN10, This has worked on both. Also I had updated my current system on a Graphics card which is a XFX GTS Radeon 8gig DDR5, had no bearing the game started anyway.. 
Now before anyone gets all worked up about steam not handling all this, you will need to take it up with the Publisher or Developers of this game, it is their responsibility of making sure the game gets what it needs to work, or provide what is needed so paying customers do not have to run around to piece the game together after they bought it.. 
If your game is still not launching after doing this, then you may have another problem going on such as System requirements, or a validation check or a compatibility setting. Currently I am just not seeing anything else that would prevent the game starting. Keep in mind, this guide is in ref of the game’s start failure due to looking for the PhysX Loader dll. 
I hop any of this helps… 

Written by warcatt00

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