Ore Farming Spot in Palworld

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Auto Draft 2 - steamsplay.com

Ore Farming Spot in Palworld

I found an awesome area with tons of resources like ore, stone, and wood. There’s also a handy fruit tree that gives skill-boosting fruit, with open space around it perfect for planting crops to feed your miner friends.

Quick Access to a Dungeon and Arrow Farm

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To the west up on a ridge, a dungeon tends to spawn – I’ve even seen two right next to each other! Once you get a flying mount, you can reach it in under 30 seconds. There’s also a random arrow farm that pops up a lot nearby.

Watch out during raids, though; sometimes, long-range enemies attack from up top. Usually, they come from below, which takes longer and sometimes gets stuck before they reach your base.

Sharing the Bounty

I know how to keep spoilers hidden, but what I’ve mentioned is pretty basic. This spot is seriously amazing – I found it a while ago and wanted to share it so others can benefit, too.

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