Where to Get Polymer for Crafting in Palworld

Where to Get Polymer for Crafting in Palworld 2 - steamsplay.com
Where to Get Polymer for Crafting in Palworld 2 - steamsplay.com

Where to Get Polymer for Crafting in Palworld

Wondering how to make that sweet Palworld Polymer? Well, let me walk you through it step-by-step. First things first: You’ll need to get your hands on some high-quality pal oil to refine into polymer. Easier said than done, I know!

Tracking down the right ingredients can get tricky if you aren’t sure where to look. Since Polymer is a more advanced resource in early access, you’ll need to explore higher-level areas and battle tough enemies to get the materials. Then, bring them back to base for your Pals to work their magic.

Why Bother with Polymer?

Good question! Palworld Polymer is essential for crafting top weapons like rifles and launchers. It also lets you make various handy items, soup up production lines, and even unlock cool stuff like fridges for storage. So getting this late game resource under your belt is a must.

How Do I Actually Make the Polymer?

You’ll need to set up an assembly line at your base to refine High-Quality Pal Oil into Polymer, which unlocks at Technology level 33. To automate the process, assign a Pal with the handiwork skill to operate the machine.

For the full scoop on tracking down high-quality Pal Oil, check out our handy farming guide. It’ll show you exactly which Pals can score this hot commodity. We recommend finding a solid source near a fast travel point, and bringing a super effective Pal-type to speed up the harvest.

What Can I Craft with My New Polymer?

 1 - steamsplay.com
1 – steamsplay.com

Ah, so many options! Palworld Polymer is great for making other high-tech components like single-shot rifles, circuit boards, and more. It’s also used in electric gadgets like kitchens, heaters and coolers.

And while you’re gathering resources, don’t forget about other rare crafting materials like sulfur, coal, pure quartz, and more. Our guides can help you track down everything you need to make top tier items like carbon fiber for next level tech unlocks.

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