Crafting Cement in Palworld

Crafting Cement in Palworld 3 -
Crafting Cement in Palworld 3 -

Crafting Cement in Palworld

Hey friend! Have you been trying to figure out how to make cement in Palworld? Building a secure base is tricky business in this game. You gotta make sure it can stand up to attacks from rogue Pals.

Well, no need to huff and puff and blow your base down. I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to craft strong cement walls that’ll withstand anything.

First Things First: The Requirements

Crafting Cement in Palworld 1 -
Crafting Cement in Palworld 1 –

Before we get to mixing and pouring, you gotta make sure you’ve got a few things checked off:

Reach level 19 in the Technology tree. I know, I know, more grinding. But hang in there! It’ll be worth it for indestructible walls.
Construct a High Quality Workbench. This is essential for cement crafting. No shortcuts here!
Gather materials: 50x Stone, 1x Bone, and 1x Pal Fluids

Crafting Cement in Palworld 2 -
Crafting Cement in Palworld 2 –

Rockin’ the Stones

Stones are pretty easy to find by wandering around. But to make it easy, build a Stone Pit at your base. Then you can kick back while a nice stack of stones rolls in!

Bagging Bones

Bones take a bit more work. You have to battle and capture specific Pals like Anubis, Gorirat, and Vixy. Check your Paldeck to see all the bone-dropping options!

Catching Pal Fluids

These slippery suckers come from defeating Water Pals. You know the drill – fight, conquer, and collect those precious fluids!

Let’s Get Mixing!

When you’ve wrangled all the ingredients, head to your workbench and whip up that sweet, sweet cement! You’ll get 10x per craft. Get crackin’ and start stacking those cement bags high!

Cement Wall Construction Tips

Now comes the fun part – turning that cement into impenetrable walls and fortifications!

When designing your cement structures, it helps to sketch things out first. Grab your graph paper and markers to map out wall locations, tower positions, etc. This will give you a solid plan for efficient building.

As you construct the walls, utilize scaffolding to reach higher areas. Safely place each wet cement block, one by one. For added stability, consider using rebar or even placing Anubis bones lengthwise inside the cement as you go.

Be sure to make the wall width at least two blocks thick, if not three. This prevents cracks from forming or enemies busting through weak points.

For the tower builds, spiral staircases work nicely. Leave openings at intervals for ranged weapon attacks. Top off towers with Anubis skull decor for intimidation!

At intersections or openings, construct mini bunkers. These will allow safe cover for your Ranger Pals to attack from.

Defense and Upgrades

Once your cement structure is complete, defense should be a priority. Station Guard Pals at intervals along the walls and towers. Provide them with weapons and the high ground advantage.

Also designate Medic Pals to quickly heal any defenders injured during raids. Stockpile health packs and stimulants.

As added upgrades down the road, install electric fencing along exterior walls. Its zap will surprise enemies trying to sneak up or climb over!

Motion-activated spotlights also help deter night attacks. Place them strategically to maximize coverage area and remove blind spots.

There you have it! Everything you need to know to craft cement and transform it into the ultimate base defense in Palworld. Your impenetrable stronghold awaits – now get building!

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