Guide on How to Defeat Zoe in Palworld

Guide on How to Defeat Zoe in Palworld 2 -
Guide on How to Defeat Zoe in Palworld 2 -

Guide on How to Defeat Zoe in Palworld

Get ready for an epic showdown with Zoe, the first tough boss in Palworld. To win this battle, you’ll need some key strategies up your sleeve. Let me break down how to beat this tricky foe and snag that glorious victory.

Zap Zoe’s Weakness with Mighty Earth Pals

Auto Draft 1 -
Auto Draft 1 –

The secret to toppling Zoe lies in her weakness to Earth-type pals. Before the big brawl, capture yourself a sturdy Earth pal – I recommend tracking down the mighty Gumoss. Level that bad boy up to pack an extra punch against Zoe. Check on

Craft a Shield for Crucial Protection

A small shield can be a lifesaver in this fight, literally. Craft one ahead of time to guard against sneak attacks from Zoe and her sidekick Grizzbolt.

Entering the Lion’s Den

Fired up and prepared for battle? March on up to that Rayne Syndicate tower and step into the ring. You’ll have 10 adrenaline-filled minutes to triumph over Zoe and Grizzbolt.

Keep Your Earth Pal in the Game

During the brawl, keep an eagle eye on your Earth pal’s health. If it starts tanking, swap out to let it recover. Pals bounce back HP pretty quickly – so stay nimble and use this to strategize your next move.

Use Pillars as Protective Barriers

When Grizzbolt brings the thunder, take cover behind the arena’s pillars. Use these trusty structures to shield yourself and buy time for counterattacks.

There you have it my friend – the inside scoop on dominating Zoe. Follow these battle-tested tips, target her weaknesses, and victory shall be yours! Now get in there and make me proud.

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