Steps on How to Catch a Tower Boss in Palworld

Steps on How to Catch a Tower Boss in Palworld 10 -
Steps on How to Catch a Tower Boss in Palworld 10 -

Steps on How to Catch a Tower Boss in Palworld

I just found out how to capture bosses like Zoe, thanks to a tricky bug!

Here’s my step-by-step guide so you can try it, too:

  1. First, head to a specific town on the map that has a guard outside.

    Auto Draft 1 -
    Auto Draft 1 –
  2. Get the guard’s attention and provoke them to raise the warning level.

    Auto Draft 2 -
    Auto Draft 2 –
  3. Use the teleporter behind you to zip up to the boss tower.

    Auto Draft 3 -
    Auto Draft 3 –
  4. Fight the guard again for Warning Level 2. Level 1 could also work.

    Auto Draft 4 -
    Auto Draft 4 –
  5. Run inside, but skip any videos so the warning stays up.Note: I’ve found it works better with Warning lvl 2, but i think it’ll still work with Warning lvl 1

     6 -
    6 –
  6. Instead of attacking the boss, lure the guards in to shoot at them. Also, here’s a little explanation: Since you have a warning level, the guards will spawn wherever you go, no matter if you try to cross the map.
     7 -
    7 –

     8 -
    8 –
  7. When the boss chases those guards, get behind them and throw your ball. Surprise! You caught them.
  8. Let the guards defeat you after. Your loot bag will be outside.
  9. Check your pillbox to see your new boss, buddy!
  10.  Now all that’s left is to die by the guards
  11. And after all that, just check your pallbox, and she will be there.

     9 -
    9 –

Extra note: If you die in any boss arena, it’ll always show your loot bag outside the tower or entrance, so there is nothing to be worried about when you die in a boss arena.
Another thing to add is after you die, the guards in town will go back to normal, so you can do as much as you want

The cool part is you can repeat this as much as you want since the guards reset. Have fun capturing bosses! Credits to: DungeonBoss

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