Omega Strikers Era Guide and Gameplay

Omega Strikers Era Guide and Gameplay 1 -
Omega Strikers Era Guide and Gameplay 1 -

Era Guide for aggressive forward players.

  • General description of usable buildings
  • Off-Meta constructions
  • Play-Style tips & Tricks
  • Era Mechanics
  • Match-ups



I'm Asahio. An EU player who began playing on the Omega Strikers public release.
I have climbed quickly since Challenger to Rookie in the first week Of release. Currently, I am Mid-Challenger.
I have more that 500+ games on Era.
My current Era win-rate is +-60%
This guide will discuss:

  • My playstyle
  • Some of my thought processes
  • How to handle match-ups
  • I use these builds
  • Certain mechanics that I use

It is important to remember that This guide won't cover everything in depth. It assumes that your basic knowledge Omega Strikers is valid and that you are Be familiar with some terminology used.


First, let me explain my play-style. This guide is intended to help you understand how it works. Aggressive 'Omega' Forward Era This aligns with what your expectations are or how you want.
Supportive Era
Supportive Era represents the Meta. Many people play her in their own area or in the middle and then focus on passing to their opponent. This is not the best way to play Era. For me, this isn't how Era should be played.

  • For your goals, you are dependent on each other.
  • Although you are more vulnerable to enemy forward aggression, they do have to stop harassing you.
  • You will be expected contribute more.
  • etc.

My aggressive play-style is NOT with a focus on K.O. 'ing opponents.
This may be confusing since the guide is called Aggressive.
I believe there is 2 types of aggression among Omega Strikers.
1. Core Aggression: Focus all your efforts and movement towards controlling the core. You want the opposition team to feel out-of-control. This means that they will react to where you are on the field, and what you do with the core. (angle, speed, direction, passes,…) .
2. Striker Aggression: Focus your abilities on K.O. Obstruct their player count and enemies Intercepting their passes, denying them movement and generally being a nuisance.
This guide and my play-style are all about Core Aggression. It's one of my favorite ways to play the game. Too many players are too blinded or influenced by K.O. 's to play around core.
One core principle is to understand that you should be in areas on the field where your (enemy and) teammates are not. You are responsible for ensuring that you are in a place where the goalie has easy access to you. The goalie also has responsibility for getting the core of your position.
The closer you get to the opposing goalie the more risky you are, but the more chances you have of scoring a goal. The ideal position is to be at the edge of your opponent's goal area. This will give you plenty of room to catch passes, rogue shots and dribble.


Meta Build
Omega Strikers Era Guide and Gameplay - Builds - EC75F63
This build is used by most people.
This build's popularity stems largely from the rapid bursts that it gives using your Flutter Fly strike and Crossover strike. It allows you catch cores faster to more than any other striker.
It is a good choice if you are playing. More savings and support . However, Crossover can't guarantee constant strikes on the core because of the nature of the build.
You are You are weak and easily bullied by enemy forwards. This can be avoided if you use your speed. This was not enough for me in higher rankings. People began to target me and K.O. It was becoming increasingly difficult to avoid's. This is where you need to build the next build.
Asahio's Unstoppable Build
Omega Strikers Era Guide and Gameplay - Builds - E211CDE
This is the construction I use it 99 percent of the time . It is a strong build, with a little burst. More overall base haste & power
This makes it possible to build. More viable at higher rankings . This is because opponents will attempt to get you out of their field more frequently. If you are a familiar Era Aggro Forward players, you will receive name-focused (. They will recognize you). Try to stop you .
Unstoppable is a factor Most people are unable to mentally consider this. . knock-backed less far will be returned to you, which can cause opponents to try and K.O. Overestimating their distance is a mistake.
The more you hit them, the faster you get.
This is another thing you can use to benefit.

  • Dodge their hits
  • Re-position faster
  • Do more and more of it faster
  • You will receive passes that are usually unrecoverable
  • etc..

This build can take some time to get used too, but once you do, you will feel it. Your level is more "unstoppable" than yours . There's Nearly nothing It is possible for the opposing team to do something against you, but it is not possible for them to focus on you.
This build got even stronger after the patch of 10/06. Stacks on Stacks is much easier to stack, and it was unstoppable.
Asahio’s Eject Button.
Omega Strikers Era Guide and Gameplay - Builds - D00A906
10/06 Update – Stacks on Stacks / Complete Form / Eject button
This build is silly. You are You can reduce your support element, duration, and)buffs. It's a experimental build I tried for a while, with mixed results.
Eject Button will be a surprise element in the future, when skill ceilings are higher. This could make your Era game play more interesting. Eject Button is a nice new element that can help you have fun with your Era game. Mind-games against the opposing goalie You can also improve your position at times.
This build is now more feasible after the patch on October 6, due to the CDR increase on Eject Button, and the increased CDR on Perfect Formula. I believe Super Surge can be exchanged for Stacks of Stacks.


Era is very good at dribbling (catching the core against a wall and hitting it again, then continuing this until you get close to the goalie.)
Fluttery Fly can throw goalies off if you expect them to shoot the core forward instantly.
Dribbling works great with Double Hit Beam, After Hit.
Side to Side
Use your mobility ability Fluttery Fly, to move from one end of the enemy goal to strike from each corner. You should be fast enough to make at least two strikes most of time. Unless the goalie gives a straight pass.
Double Hit Beam
Your beam should be directed towards the core when striking to goalie. You can hit it directly after the goalie attempts.
Omega Strikers Era Guide and Gameplay - Mechanics - ZJdl
Maelstrom Crush
Use Maelstrom (must be predicted) The place where you believe the core is headed towards the enemy goal. This will put pressure on the goalie. Because the ability is uninterruptible and extremely powerful, you can use your Maelstrom to target the enemy goalie. Do not worry if your Maelstrom doesn't reach the goalie or core. The pressure will build.
Omega Strikers Era Guide and Gameplay - Mechanics - rVUA
After Hit
This is not an exclusive to Era. If the core is moving slowly to the enemy goalie at a slow-to-mid speed and no one is around you, you can simply follow the center and wait for him to strike. Then strike the core once more. The goalie will strike on cool-down, and you will get a goal.
Omega Strikers Era Guide and Gameplay - Mechanics - Bzik


Personaly, I always ban Drek'Ar. I believe he is an underrated, overlooked striker who is much more powerful due to his slows on the core and on you. A good Drek’Ar can slow down your gameplay. If you aren't afraid of Drek’Ar ban whomever you have the most difficulty playing against/whom your losses are the greatest. Meta doesn't matter to you.

Striker Goalie Forward
AI.MI Like forward, her goalie kit is decent but she should lose any 1v1 against anyone. AI.MI is rarely a problem. Her knockbacks can be quite big, considering her fast-paced playstyle. However, if you are aware and have a general idea about her location, you should be fine. You should stall when she uses her ultimate. Don't get too involved. It's a very wasteful ult and only a few cases where it might work are possible.
Asher Asher is annoying as a goalie. Try striking to one side of your goal. Asher forward might try harass you but she is slow and easily avoided because of her long windup. You should be fine playing on the opponent's field and avoiding near-wall situations.
Atlas Play around with his abilities, or keep core aggression at bay by striking core against his capabilities a few times and stalling. No real danger, same as goalie
Drek’Ar No comment. Extremely dangerous. Drek’Ar is a nuisance to you and your teammates, even with Unstoppable Training's. His slow, easy-to-hit, combo-able shotgun projectiles shut down you for 2.5 seconds. His shotgun projectiles are heavy if you are close and his invisibility allows him to ensure it hits heavy.
Dubu It's difficult to outplay a Dubu goalie. You can move from one corner to another to catch him off guard. Or, if he's not able to, use your beam to give him an extra hit to make the ball go in the goal. Surprisingly Dubu can be a good forward. Focus on you and not too much about Dubu. Dubu's won’t bother you too much, so you should be fine. Dubu's is also usually too slow to bother.
Era Everything is fine. You can wait for her to show her the way and counter her speedy movements with your Beam. Avoid being hit by her Beam. If she is being supportive, hit her with your beam and zone with Maelstrom.
Estelle No comment. Estelle is not likely to be aggressive against you. However, her piercing shot makes it dangerous to be near walls. It can take you across the entire map and deals a significant hit. This ability is extremely knock-back and many Estelle players abuse it.
Juliette Beam her, and try to angle the core towards the goal. Brute-forcing goals is hard against her. Juliette is strong, but it's a difficult match-up. But she will not slow you down. Try to be in the middle of your opponent’s field as much as possible. You will see that she is fast and that your combo is not a true combination. You can make her miss by using erratic movement.
Juno Due to her slow speed, she can be vulnerable to side-to-side strikes. Although her blobs are annoying, if she is fast enough or you are able to play with unstoppable speed, don't be afraid of stepping on them to end them. Juno will most likely be too busy with her blobs to spend much time with you. You can put pressure on Juno by trying to get blobs. Juno is almost useless without blobs. You will be faster if you are unstoppable.
Kai Kay is annoying. However, he is fast and can stop aggro play. His projectiles, while not very good, are a bit buggy and pass through you. When it touches the core it shuts down its speed completely. To reduce his speed, play slower, approach him and use the beam to stop him. The goalie is pretty much the same. You can wave at him and use your Maelstrom to get him off guard. Focus on the core, not him.
Luna Keep her moving slowly and harassing her, but keep your core focus on the core. She is mainly ineffective in goal, except for occasional eject plays. To avoid her hitting the core, you can mimic her movement and use her abilities to your advantage. Same for goalie. She won't pressure or pressurize you on the field.
X No comment. Although it's annoying, it's manageable. Think of X and imagine him as a big teddy bear. When he focuses, hug him, then run around him. He will waste a lot of time. You will become faster with unstoppable. The closer you are from X, the more difficult it is for him to target a Wall for you to be K.O. 'd on.


Closing words

You've completed the entire guide. We are very grateful.
This build is not suitable for everyone. Most people will feel Support Era better and more comfortable playing it. It is logical; it is the meta.
Do not take everything I say as factual. I created this guide based upon my personal experiences.
You can contact me on discord: Asahio5148 –
Enjoy the game and we hope this guide will help to climb the ranks if Aggressive Forward Era becomes your favorite!


Written by Asahio

Hope you enjoy the post for Omega Strikers Era Guide and Gameplay, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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