Omega Strikers Backstory of Juno

Omega Strikers Backstory of Juno 1 -
Omega Strikers Backstory of Juno 1 -

This guide will explain the fascinating backstory of Juno.


Juno, a mysterious and adorable visitor from outer space, brings a unique playstyle on the field. Her semi-sentient blobbos, which can be found all over the field, work together to help Juno score. They create plays that leave opponents astonished.

Juno came from deep space, but much more is known about her life. During a spectacular New Years’ fireworks show, she crashed onto Luna’s roof. Luna gave her the name Juno. She made her a suit that could more comfortably hold a human form. Luna was delighted to have a younger sibling and tried to teach Juno everything she could. She taught her the basics of human behavior – how to walk and talk and play Corestrike.

Juno approached the universe with timid curiosity, never knowing what new experience might await. Juno found a deep love for the human experience, despite Ahten’s overwhelming sounds, colors, and sensations. Juno particularly enjoyed Corestrike’s spectacle. The speed, energy, excitement, and intensity were unlike anything she had ever witnessed. She hoped to see a little more of what it was like to be human by playing it.

Juno’s natural type was very supportive of the game. Asher chose to pick her and Luna together to form a team. The crowd was stunned by her incredible abilities. Juno continues on her journey in the Pro League. She’s still learning what being “human” means, but she knows she loves her family and new home.

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