Omega Strikers Backstory of Atlas

Omega Strikers Backstory of Atlas 3 -
Omega Strikers Backstory of Atlas 3 -

This guide will explain the interesting backstory behind Atlas.


Atlas is a pioneer in astral technology, far ahead of the rest. He can bend space time and revive his teammates as they are eliminated by the opposing side.
Atlas is a result of this high-tech approach. His parents are the world's most renowned astrophysicists. He learned advanced scientific concepts as a child under their strict supervision. He was a docile and orderly child who worked hard to follow in his parents' steps.
His parents would frequently leave for long space missions and leave him to take care of his younger sister, Luna. Despite his best efforts at teaching Luna the orderly approach to experimentation, she chose her own methods. She found inspiration in the midst of chaos and adopted a more chaotic style. Although the two could argue endlessly about their scientific approaches, Atlas only wants the best for his little sister.
Atlas spent a lot of time helping his parents prepare to go on an expedition to the farthest reaches in the solar system. As his parents were about to leave, they told Atlas how proud they were of him and left him with one request: "Please take good care of Luna when we're gone."
A few days into their journey, contact with Atlas''s parents was lost. Atlas believed the worst, believing their ship had suffered a catastrophic malfunction. He began to experiment using the essence of space-time in his quest to find a way back to the past. He quickly realized that he needed an environment in which to test his inventions. The Pro League is the ideal place for this purpose.
Atlas joined forces with a few misfits strikers, Rune Drek'ar, to form a team that qualified the Pro League. Atlas believes his parents are close to returning home. He just needs to pa*s a few more tests.


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