No Man’s Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining

No Man’s Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining 1 -
No Man’s Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining 1 -

The Oct 2022 No Man’ssky version 4 update (OCT 2022 – nerfed rare metals mining, so miners now need other sources of income. Advanced crafting is a great alternative but it requires large plant farms. The complex tech trees can also be difficult to use.

This is a guide for advanced crafting without large plant farms. You only need one type of plant. Instead, the process uses mines to drive it. This method is intended for people who already have or plan to acquire) mines. Medium-sized mines can produce billions in a short time, without the need to wait for plants.

The guide walks you through the process of setting up an easy-to use system that can be used over and over again. This produces 600,000,000 units per run and simplifies many of those complexities associated with advanced crafting. It assigns a ship for advanced crafting and makes it permanent with an inventory. This makes advanced crafting easier. It doesn’t require you to remember any tech trees, you can add resources anytime you want, and you can stop and restart the process whenever you like.

Although this method is time-consuming to set up, it’s easy to use once you have the stacks at zero.

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Why is craft fed by mines

The NMS v4 update Oct 2022 – will require new sources for income for miners. Advanced crafting is a great alternative for Active Indium. A stack is worth less than 2,000,000, while 10 Stasis devices is worth 156million units.

This is done normally using plant farms, but using mines is a better way.

Benefits of minecrafting over large plant farms


  • Picking the plants can take a lot of effort and can be monotonous. Refining takes the same time as picking but is passive so you can do more. This is a faster way to refine actively than picking plants by running between large banks or refiners.
  • Mines use less building materials than plant farms. Also, mines can be used to do many other things in this game, while big plant farms don’t.
  • You don’t have to wait for the plants grow. If you really want to, you could make billions of units in just one sitting with even medium-sized mines.
  • Mines scale better that plant farms – large mines require less effort to collect than smaller mines.


Benefits of assigning ships to crafting

This method also assigns a ship, making the process more straightforward.


  • It’s ready for crafting at any moment. You can even stop and start the process whenever you want.
  • It’s easy enough to remember what you need to do so that you don’t have the crafting tree to remember.
  • Once you have it set up, it is quick and simple to use. Simply hover over an item and click ‘E.’
  • Keep a small amount in every stack. You can send topup resources to your ship at any moment and they will automatically go into appropriate slots.


Before you begin

Before you begin, you must:

  • Mines for Pyrite, Parafinnium and Phosphorous.
  • Unlocked blueprints (in the anomaly) to stasis devices, Fusion Igniters, as well as everything else in the advanced crafting trees.
  • A good refiner setup can have several large or medium refiners running in parallel. Can be used as a planetside or freighter.
  • A small amount (1 to) of Cactus or Star bulb, Solanium. Frost Crystal, Gamma Root, Faecium. Ionised Cobalt, Chlorine and Fungal mold.
  • You can permanently assign a spare ship as your ‘advanced crafting area’. The ship I used in this guide had been upgraded before the update. 96 slots. If you have more slots you can use them to add Fusion Igniters or stasis devices. You just need one of each. You can still use the slots you have to get down to about 76. If you have fewer slots, you can leave row 2 and perhaps row 3.

(* Notice: You can reduce the amount of mines you use by refining other materials, e.g. You can get Uranium from Phosphorous, Pure Ferrite and other materials. There are thousands of options. Refer to other guides. Anyway, mines are quicker.).

1: Prepare your storage area

  • Start with a starship upgraded fully (/close to fully). Then empty it.
  • You should aim to complete this guide by the end. There will be gaps, especially at the bottom.

No Man's Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining - 1: Prepare your storage area - 739CA19

Notice that I have added boxes around certain areas:

Yellow = Input plant and their multipliers

Orange = Input gases

Purple = Crafting from plants

Red = Crafting from gases

Green = Ores & Their Multipliers

Advanced Crafting: Light blue

These phases are covered in the next phases.

2: Input LANTS & Multipliers (yellow on the picture)

No Man's Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining - 2: Input PLANTS & multipliers (yellow box on the picture) - 129BC40

  • To grow the plants in rows 3 through 4, you can use the mined components from rows 1 & 2. (Add pyrite or a mixture of the two to make more cactus)
  • Each column can easily be refined, and each element can be used for multiplying the plant below it.
  • *Note – Faecium, Mordite and other elements are slightly different. Faecium is directly converted to Mordite. Faecium, oxygen and more Faecium are refined.
  • Each element and plant should be refined until all stacks are full.


3: Input GAES (orange box in the picture)

No Man's Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining - 3: Input GASES (orange box on the picture) - 06EC728Fill all the gas slots with oxygen. Any of the three + oxygen = a different gas.

4: Craft directly from plants (The purple box is shown on the) picture

No Man's Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining - 4: Craft directly from plants (Purple box on the picture) - 3A02CA8

  • Click the first slot under solarium), and create the heat cap.
  • Press ‘E” over any item to craft more. Keep going until you have ten of each item in row (, as shown).
  • You can make items that will consume plants or other crafted objects. It’s easier for items to run out of (by refilling them with).
  • Continue on and fill the purple box bottom row with 10 more of each.


5: Simple gas craft (Red box in the picture)

No Man's Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining - 5: Simple gas crafting (Red box on the picture) - 7B02F78

  • Condensate carbon can be created by refining oxygen to carbon, then carbon to condense.
  • To increase the efficiency of condensed matter, you can add more oxygen.
  • You can make 2 stacks from each of the elements.


6: ORES(Green box on)

No Man's Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining - 6: ORES (Green box on the picture) - 922D477

  • You will need the following 3 input elements: Ionized Cobalt and chlorine can be each expanded with Oxygen, while Pure Ferrite refines from mined magnetized Ferrite.
  • Each ore can be crafted in the box.


7: ADVANCED CRAFTING – (Light Blue box in the photo)

Now comes the part that you’ve been waiting for, crafting the big-money items.

No Man's Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining - 7: ADVANCED CRAFTING (Light blue box in the picture) - 24851B6

  • The items in this light blue box were made with materials from other boxes.
  • Start at the top left (the conductor, a cream coloured circle shaped). Then work your way down row by row.
  • Craft items should be inspected closely to make sure they don’t run dry.
  • Keep crafting items and refilling stacks up to the bottom until there are 2 stacks stasis devices, 2 stacks fusion igniters.
  • These 4 stacks are worth :nmsunits each: 156 millions each, so 4×156 =:nmsunits 624 million units. Now sell them!
  • If you want more, refill everything and start over.
  • If you have large enough mines, it is possible to make billions of dollars per day just by using resources from the mines.


Run the process

Now you can simply leave the ship in place, and you can make those high-value items anytime you need another half million units. Here are some tips

  • Once complete, remove 9/10 stasis device and fusion igniters from each stack.
  • You should make sure that every slot on your ship is occupied. Even if you only have a few resources, you can send them to your ship to replenish the resource. The resource will be placed in the appropriate slot for next time you want to build more units.
  • You can refill the stacks from mines. You can simply’send the starship’ directly from the silo. (- You’ll need ship fuels, sodium, and other supplies in your suit).
  • I recommend that you replenish everything after the process. It is up to you, however, it seems much easier.
  • Silos can be added to mines to increase production. (Especially, you might discover that Ammonia or Oxygen require higher volumes of).
  • There is a 10x refiner Speed mod (on Nexusmods) that I highly recommend.. It also works with v4 currently anyway).

No Man's Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining - Running the process - 6F8DE33You’re now 624million units richer. Keep going until you have billions, if your mines are large enough. If not, go spend it! Have fun!

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Written by NZ.Zer0

This is all for No Man’s Sky Guide How to Make billions of units from mining hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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