No Man’s Sky “The Watched” title Guide.

No Man’s Sky “The Watched” title Guide. 1 -
No Man’s Sky “The Watched” title Guide. 1 -
Hey, you! Yes you! Do you like asinine RNG? Do you enjoy tormenting yourself? Are you a fan of psychological horror? How about tossing away possible hours of your time for something utterly useless?

If you said yes, or even no to any and or all of these, you’ve come to the right place my friend.


how do i do the thing

A banner title that has eluded NMS players for some time. The reason? It is incredibly obscure; It’s locked behind anger inducing chance, there is a lack of any real clues, and the process itself only vaguely indicates something is going on. This title took me hours to obtain, and I definitely would not recommend going for this unless you HAVE to have it. 
1 Convergence Cube 
1 Navigation Data 
A ship with decent speed. 
Step 1: Warp to a Korvax system. Any is fine aside from abandoned, presumably. 
Step 2: Choose a planet. Preferably a water planet with no weather of any kind, as well as good ground visibility. Again though any should work aside from dead type planets. 
Step 3: Lose your mind. We’re looking for a very specific POI – A Waypoint with nearby damaged machinery labeled “debris”. This POI does not have anything else directly connected to it, i.e buildings, drop pods. Loose chests and other things may linger nearby, but otherwise this specific variant only has your typical scrap boxes and the unique debris object. <if you dont know what a waypoint is 
Step 4: Fly around your planet close to the ground, scanning when possible for the unknown building markers. Like most other POIs that is what they are labeled as from a distance. If you’re lucky upon finding one, it will have a random Korvax sitting, wandering or standing around. Otherwise it will be visually the same but lack said Korvax. The NPC is **not** a 100% spawn chance. About 1 in 5 sites will have this dastardly doer, based on my personal experience. Your mileage may vary. 
Step 5: Find these jerkoffs about 8 or 9 times. Each encounter will have you briefly talking or doing a quick task. Doesn’t seem to matter what you pick dialogue wise as long as you finish the encounter (excluding the encounter in which you are asked to repair the nearby machinery. this is where you’ll need the cube, i have no idea what happens if you try the biological option). 
You’ll also need to give one of them that navigation data I mentioned earlier. Keep finding these POIs until you get one mentioning the Convergence watching. Accept the Korvax’s request, and you will get the title. You should anyway, we all know how buggy this game is.No Man's Sky  
No Man's Sky  


Swoosing on over to a different planet does not reset the progress on this mini-quest. Warping to a different system should be okay, too. However, I didn’t try warping, nor did I quit/reload my save. Do so at your own risk. 
Given enough luck, you’ll be able to complete this on a single planet. Base computers are helpful for not getting disoriented and keeping track of your progress. 
The dialogue should be different with each encounter. If it repeats one, I don’t know what to tell you. Two attempts have yielded the same flow. 
Speaking of, I am unsure if this will complete on Expedition mode. I got the title on a normal save after finishing the Artemis questline – Though I did get up to the second to last encounter on my Expd save before rage quitting. 
There is basically no documentation on this sequence of events. There could very well be more variables I’m not aware of, and I have little (read; none) in the way of knowing what could break progression. Won’t be testing this further, feel free to do so if you want and post the results. 

Written by flux

Here we come to an end for No Man’s Sky “The Watched” title Guide. hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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