No Man’s Sky How to restore save files on permadeath

No Man’s Sky How to restore save files on permadeath 2 -
No Man’s Sky How to restore save files on permadeath 2 -
Simple way of restoring game saves on permadeath


Why should i do this?

I know permadeath point is to have only one chance but sometimes life is unfair and random glitch can throw you randomly and kill you(my case) That is the reason why sometimes you want to cheat a little beat. 

Accessing steam cloud

Go to the and find NMS or any other game you want. Find file called mf_save[number] and download most recent one. No Man's Sky How to restore save files on permadeath 

Finding save files

after you downloaded right file go to the [Drive]:\Users\[User]\AppData\Roaming\HelloGames\NMS 
if you can’t find the AppData simply open windows search bar and type %appdata% 

Creating new save

In the NMS folder you should see files like this: st_416724891. Just create a new folder and name it st. Then inside this folder paste downloaded file and name it mf_save. Now when you boot up the game your save should be back! The game may be instable for few first hours of playing because of some missing files but it should dissapear after while. 

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  1. ok, so.
    I quit NMS about 2 years ago(2019). But with the new Endurance update, I wanted to rejoin and continue on.
    I started with my original save but could not remember the most basic operations to exist in the NMS universe. So I started a new game to re-learn everything.
    With the old account I had built a huuuuugggeeee base. I mean, it was ridiculous. So like a dumb@$$ I hit reset base.
    But after I had figured things out with the new account, going back to the old, I had lost a lot of stuff.
    So here is what I did:
    I noticed that the last time I had played (1b+ credits and 25k nanites) was dec 2019.
    and C:\Users\XXXXXX_your_name\AppData\Roaming\HelloGames\NMS\st_76561197986261864\strbackup had an mf_save, and a regular save file. After making a backup of the folder, I copied these over to the C:\Users\XXXXXX_your_name\AppData\Roaming\HelloGames\NMS\st_76561197986261864 folder.
    Here is the thing: I had that new account with the new dates. I left those. But I deleted the original account saves – and left the ones I copied from the strbackup directory. And I go t it right. But that is going to be different for everyone.
    My save file was from 2 years ago. It was pretty clear when I had stopped playing NMS.
    This worked for me. And this post is a good resource.

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