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Full Beginners Guide for Terraria and All!

Say hello to Guide

Terraria Gear Upgrades & Crafting - Say hello to the Guide - 855AF93
The Guide is an NPC that you will see the moment you load in. He's your only friend in the vast world. You should build a small shelter around him to keep him safe.
You can quickly mine some dirt and stone to make blocks. These can be used to build a temporary shelter. While NPCs can defend themselves somewhat, it takes a while for them to respawn. The box is there to ensure that he doesn’t get killed while he’s on an adventure. You could always build a complete house now for the Guide, but houses must be specifically designed for NPCs to move in. I'll discuss that later in this guide.
The Guide's (function is currently). His only function is to give you tips about where to go and how to create new items. When you speak to him select the Crafting option and you will be able place any of your items into his crafting slot. It's not possible to craft anything here. It just shows you what you can make with the chosen item.

Craft better gear

To put it bluntly, the gear that you spawn with is awful. Even against early enemies, fighting with the copper shortsword spawned with is like fighting with an old toothpick. You will need to get a better sword and some armor for greater protection.
First, you'll need to chop down 5-10 trees using the ax. You will be able to craft your first basic upgrades from wood, which will make it easier in the beginning.
Next, get rid off that horrible shortsword. You can use shortswords to literally poke the enemy. A broadsword, on the other hand, is swung higher above your head, doing more damage and knockback. A crafting menu will allow you to create a workbench that will allow you make more items.
After you've crafted the workbench, place it anywhere you want. It will unlock all the new crafting techniques you have by standing close to it. Make a wooden sword and a set wooden armor and you are ready to go.

Survey the land

Terraria Gear Upgrades & Crafting - Survey the land - BACF999
Terraria's worlds are randomly generated. It is therefore a good idea for you to explore the surrounding areas. Follow your instincts and go in any direction that interests you. If you find an area that is either purple or red, it is a good idea not to go back. All worlds spawn with one or both of the two evil biomes. The purple is known as the Corruption, and the Crimson is the Crimson.
Both areas offer some great loot. However, you'll need more gear if your goal is to survive. You will need to go underground to find the loot. If you don't have the right accessories, you won't be allowed out. These areas will be saved for later.
Next, you might come across some deserts or snow biomes. There is a large hole at the bottom of the desert. You can bridge it over and return later. There is also the possibility that desert biomes may contain a pyramid, which is underground. You should find the entrance as soon as possible, as these pyramids can contain some amazing gear that'll be of great help to you.
Snow biomes are easier to live in, but they have annoying ice to be aware of. If you venture underground in snowy areas, water pools will be covered by ice and could lead to drowning.
You are pretty close to the end if you make it to a large jungle biome or a dungeon. The opposite side of jungles and dungeons spawn, so make sure you know where they are. Dungeon Guardians will also kill you if you attempt to explore the dungeon.
Ocean biomes can be found at the ends, with a few chests below the surface. You can use a Recall Potion to help you remember or a Magic Mirror if it's not already. If you don’t have one, you can either go back or jump into the ocean if you don’t find one. You might be able to steal a chest before you're dead, so it's worth giving it a shot.
One helpful tip is that exiting the menu and reloading will automatically bring you back to your spawn points. You won't need to do this if your Recall Potions are low or you don't have a magic mirror. They can be found in underground cabins which we'll talk more about later.

Go deeper into nearby caves

Terraria Gear Upgrades & Crafting - Go deeper into nearby caves - 9DFF295
You may have seen some interesting caves as you scouted out the globe. Pick any cave you want and go spelunking. Be sure to bring plenty of torchlight and wooden platforms.
You will find small pots of brown in caves that drop items if they are broken. These items can include glowsticks, potions, throwing weapons, and torches. You'll have many useful items to explore once you smash every pot you see. As well as some decent starting gear, you should also grab any chests you find.
You will eventually reach the underground layer. This layer is different than the surface because it has more enemies and better loot. This is evident by a change of background music and a change of the music. Below this layer, underground cabins might be found that may contain a chest with all sorts loot.
You will need to find a few things in an underground cabin. The first is the Magic Mirror. This allows you to instantly return to your spawn point. The second is a pair of Herme's Boots which will enable you to run much faster than normal. Another amazing accessory is the Cloud in A Bottle, which allows you to double jump.
The Extractinator is another item you should be looking out for. This allows you to turn slushy blocks into valuable resources. It is possible to literally turn garbage into valuable resources by using it.
One tip is to keep all chests found in cabins. You'll soon discover that you don’t have enough inventory space for all your items. So it's worth taking the gold chests that you find. I prefer the gold ones because they look cooler that the wooden ones. But you can grab any color you want.

Mine for gear upgrades

You can take advantage of all the minerals that you see underground. Iron/lead can be mined for many recipes. Iron armor is not recommended as it is a wasteful of time.
It is also possible to find silver/tungsten and gold/platinum. Get enough gold to make yourself a strong enough pickaxe to mine meteorite. Once you have that, your best option is to go as far as you can. The better ores are more common the deeper you go.
Try to get as many coins as possible by going underground and looting as many cabins as possible. Another great place is a spider nest. These often contain a chest that contains a great starter grappling hook.
If you are interested in grappling hooks, you can mine 15 gems to make your own gem hook. These hooks can grab onto walls to pull yourself higher, giving you more mobility. Diamond hooks have the greatest range, but any of the other gem hooks will do.
Once you have found enough treasure, go back to the surface to stash some. Don't carry too much money at once as you risk losing your coins if you get lost.

Build a home

Terraria Gear Upgrades & Crafting - Build a house - 6C32DB3You may be familiar with building small shelters, but now you are ready to build a real house. These are the components of any NPC ready house.
A building measuring 10 by 6 by 6 blocks in height and length
– A light source, such as torches or lanterns
– A comfort item, such as a toilet or chair
– A flat surface such as a table, piano, or other similar item
Naturally, walls are necessary for the house. Terraria has a slightly different approach to walls and this confused me when it first came out. Walls are basically the background blocks of the house. These walls can be made with your basic crafting bench. They can also be made of many different materials. You can also place banners, trophies or torches on the walls to make decorating your home easier.
Monsters can't spawn in walls that are not built by the player, so make sure to have a light source and walls on all your buildings. Place doors at all entrances to your home to prevent enemies from entering. A Blood Moon can occur which gives zombies the power to open doors. Simply block the front doors of your home and start mining in your mine shaft after a Blood Moon.
Terraria allows you to be as creative and imaginative as you like with your house. While my houses are generally boring, I've seen some incredible examples of what people can do in this game.

Start your own village

Terraria Gear Upgrades & Crafting - Start your own village - 9853364
Now it's time for your neighbors to move in. Use the NPC house conditions to build four or five additional houses nearby. They can be attached to my home for easy access, or you can place them anywhere.
An NPC will spawn if all spawn conditions are met and move into your home. A merchant will spawn if they have 50 silver coins. Terraria is home to 25 NPCs. Each one has their own unique spawning conditions.
It's a good idea to build a few houses ahead of time, so you're ready for when new NPCs move in. You don't have to go out of the way to get them spawned, as their requirements are part and parcel of your natural progression. You can keep exploring, upgrading, defeating bosses and eventually you'll have so many NPCs it's hard to know what you should do with them all.

Break 2 Shadow Orbs/ Crimson Hearts

Once you feel that you have built enough houses, wait for the Demolitionist's spawn. The Demolitionist's requirement is that you have a bomb in inventory. This is easy to do. Buy 20-30 bombs from him when he spawns. Then, get ready to have an adventure!
Hopefully, you have upgraded your weapons and armor by now. You are heading to the Crimson (or Corruption) depending on which world you live in. Several chasms within the Corruption lead to nothing. Find the one that takes you the farthest.
No matter your biome, there will be an underground area you need to live in. These glowing objects, called Crimson Hearts and Shadow Orbs, will be visible. You need to remove them for a few reasons.
Breaking them will result in a useful item being dropped for you. Breaking 2 will cause a meteorite, which can be mined to make some amazing gear, to land in your world. No matter what you do, DO NOT BREAK A THIRD ORB. If you do, you will automatically spawn the boss of the area. So wait until you are ready.
This is the easiest way to get them. Simply make your bombs sticky bombs by using slime and blast your way to them. You should not destroy another bomb unless ready to fight an enormous boss.

Kill Evil Bosses to Get the Meteorite

Once night falls, a meteorite will be dropped into your world after you have defeated those bosses. You may have a few bombs left over from your last journey. Unfortunately, these can't be used to mine the meteorite faster. So just do what is best for you.
The game does 't tell the whereabouts of the meteor, so it's up to you to find out. If you don't see it on your map, then you will have to run left and right until you find it. It will be obvious when you find one. The music changes, and enemies called Meteor Heads start spawning.
Once you have everything, you can make a Space Gun and Space Armor. This set will allow you to have unlimited ammo to use the Space Gun. They're great together.

Explore the Dungeon

Terraria Gear Upgrades & Crafting - Explore the Dungeon - 4AA81D9With the new gun and armor, it is time to explore the dungeon. You've probably seen him in front of the dungeon, and now it's time to fight him. Although he might not be your actual enemy, you will have to fight his master who has him.
I won't spoil any details, but beating him gives you access the dungeon. The skulls inside it stop you from being killed on the spot. Once you get down there, the enemies will be quite difficult. Locate an unlocked wooden box that contains one gold key. This key can be used to unlock a better chest.
All keys are the exact same, but each key is for one purpose only. To get all the loot from a dungeon, you will need to find as many keys and locked chests as possible. You don't have to worry if your enemies drop keys occasionally.

Reforge your weaponry

A Goblin Army will eventually invade your territory. They will attack you and spawn a NPC called the Goblin Tinkerer, who is tied underground. He will randomly spawn when you explore, so spend some time underground to find him.
If you have a vacant house, he will move in. He can provide a great service, called reforging. This changes the modifier of your weapon's weapons. You might reforge your weapon if it says "slow" from the side. Some modifiers work better than others so keep trying until you find one that works. Reorging can drain you of your money faster than any other game feature.

Create a Hellevator

You now have all the gear you need to create a Hellevator. It is an elevator to underworld. This is a continuation from the mine shaft you started earlier. It will make it easier to reach the bottom of the planet.
Keep mining until water or lava is found. If that happens, you can drain the liquid from another source. Any obsidian you find can be mined and made into an Obsidian Skull. This allows for you to walk on hot substances like Meteorite, Hellstone, and Meteorite. Your Hellevator is complete when you reach the bottomworld.

Look for floating islands

Many places in the sky have good gear. The Lucky Horseshoe, an item that completely removes fall damage, is a special item. This is an item you absolutely need, and I'll show you how to obtain it.
Gravitation Potions, also known as Gravitation Potions, will allow you reverse gravity. This makes it possible to fly around the air. You'll be able to find the islands fast if you have enough of these!
Meteor Shot can also be used to make a gun. I walk left orright while firing it straight up. Meteor Shot bounces. If it bounces back, you know there is an island.

Fight the bosses of the underworld

The Guide Voodoo Doll is an item you might find in the underworld. This item can be used in order to kill the Guide, but you will also cause the underworld boss of the Underworld to spawn.
I won't reveal too much, but he is a large boss that can be difficult to beat. Once you've defeated him, it is time to get into the real game.


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Here we come to an end for Terraria Gear Upgrades & Crafting hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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