MONSTER HUNTER RISE Best Build for Turbo LBG Support

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Best Build for Turbo LBG Support 1 -
MONSTER HUNTER RISE Best Build for Turbo LBG Support 1 -

The role of this build is to maximize the Damage Uptime of your team through any and all means available! Healing! Wide-Range buffs! Mushroommancer! Paralysis! Stuns! Sleep! Traps!

See the build in action!

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The Build

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Best Build for Turbo LBG Support - The Build - 5BCDAF5
MONSTER HUNTER RISE Best Build for Turbo LBG Support - The Build - 116ED46
MONSTER HUNTER RISE Best Build for Turbo LBG Support - The Build - A26412F

Effective use of Status Effects

  • Monsters possess individual internal “counters” that are filled up by status-effect causing attacks.
  • When the counter is filled, the effect procs and the counter is emptied.
  • Each time the status effect procs, the monster’s resistance to that status effect increases. It takes more hits to proc the effect, and the effect doesn’t last as long.
  • This means that the FIRST proc of each status effect should be strategically timed rather than squandered. Don’t waste the first proc when there are no damage-dealing teammates around to capitalize on it!
  • If a monster does not receive attacks that build up a particular status effect, that counter will diminish over time.
  • If you see a teammate or Buddy inflicting a particular status effect, you can apply additional attacks of the same status effect to fill up the counter and cause it to proc more quickly.
  • When teammates and/or Buddies use status-effect weapons and attacks it makes it harder to strategically time the first proc of a status effect, but in the case of teammates with status weapons, your combined attacks can stack up the status more frequently for more procs.
  • HOWEVER, if a monster is currently being afflicted by a status effect, such as if a monster is convulsing due to being paralyzed, applying MORE of the status effect is a waste. You should wait for the monster to recover from its current status effect before trying to re-proc the effect.
  • ALSO, if a monster is currently being afflicted by a status effect, you can still stack on a DIFFERENT status effect.
  • BUT, when the different status effect takes hold, it may overwrite the current proc’ing status effect. For example, a monster that is currently stunned can be pulled out of its stun early if you proc a Paralysis on it. So if you sense that a proc is near, try to time it accordingly. It may be tempting to chain your first procs one after the other in fast succession, but remember that the first proc lasts the longest! Try not to cut this precious proc-time short.
  • Traps should be treated as their own sort of Status Effect. They also lose duration each time they hit a monster.
  • Lightning Traps are fast-acting and useful for when a monster won’t stay in one place for long.
  • Pit Traps are delayed, and must be placed in advance, so they’re harder to time.
  • Pit Traps are easier to replace (you can buy nets from the Argosy)
  • A monster that is caught in a Pit Trap can be Stunned, Paralyzed or even made to Sleep while it’s in the pit trap. For this reason, pit traps are amazing for incap-chaining monsters.
  • Mastering the effective timing of procs and traps will let you turn almost any monster that isn’t an Apex or an Elder into a punching bag (traps don’t work on them!)
  • Narga will destroy pit traps UNLESS enraged.


Sleep Attacks

  • Try to tell your team when you’re starting to fire sleep ammo, and when you see the Sleep ammo take effect. Use the Sticker system. If they notice and stop attacking, awesome. Barrels can be set up, buffs can be (re)applied and weapons can be sharpened. Someone can line up a big whopper of a hit to awaken the monster.
  • If they don’t notice or maybe if someone is stuck in a combo or an attack animation or a Buddy is stuck in an attack animation (some Palamute weapons have this long, wide-ranged whippy animation) the monster may still be awakened. It happens. Suck it up and try to get a second sleep proc. People who are new to the game (sometimes it’s randos playing low-rank missions) will often awaken the monster prematurely so don’t expect too much from them.
  • Sleep and Sticky Ammo don’t mix!!! DON’T fire stickies at a monster that is about to sleep or if you see someone applying sleep attacks on a monster, and DON’T fire sleep rounds at a monster when people are firing stickies at it, or the stickies are lodged in its flesh. The time-delayed fuses may explode after the monster “shuts down”, cutting its naptime short.
  • The first hit on a sleeping monster does double damage.
  • Barrels and wyvernblasts will do the same amount of damage no matter WHERE it hits on the monster.
  • So you can set up barrels on hard-to-break parts of the monster instead of just on the head.
  • If you don’t put barrels on the monster’s head, then the person who performs the wake-up hit won’t get blown away by the barrel explosion.
  • If other teammates stay away from the barrels, they won’t get blown away by the explosion and get get in a few extra sucker punches after the wake-up hit is delivered.
  • If someone is about to deliver the wake-up hit, you can use your piercing ammo to set off the barrels immediately afterwards.
  • Buddies and teammates that use sleep attacks make the effective use of sleep attacks rather complicated, but again, if you see sleep attacks being used on a monster, you can join in with a few sleep shots of your own to score a faster Sleep proc.


Effective use of Hunting Helpers

  • Since you’re the only one not focused attacking, you should absolutely be making use of any Hunting Helpers you find.
  • A squandered or misused hunting helper is better than one that is never used at all. Use them as soon as you can instead of forgetting you had them!
  • Are you on the way to assist your team? Is there another monster along the way? Do you have a Stinkmink? Good! Use it to lure the monster towards the fight for some impromptu reinforcements.
  • Your Palamute has the ability to detect and display Hunting Helpers on the map! USE IT!
  • EVERY blight beetle has a worthwhile use! Fire beetles cause Fireblight which deals a DOT and increases monster flinch chance. Water beetles cause Waterblight which increases the damage a monster takes, especially on its tougher zones. Snow beetles cause Iceblight which greatly slows a monster down and Thunder beetles make a monster extremely susceptible to being Stunned!
  • Almost every hunting helper with the exception of Toads may be used while riding your Palamute.
  • I’ve never seen anyone use a Marionette Spider properly so I’ll explain it: You can use it to yank a monster in a direction, and it’s best used to make it crash into one of those weird bug circles that you occasionally see on a wall. First, you should stand in front of the bug-circle. Then when the Monster is within range, Use the Marionette Spider to launch its thread at the monster. Once it connects, you must USE THE SPIDER AGAIN to yank the monster towards you, sending it crashing into the bug-circle behind you for EmOTiONaL dAMaGE.


Tips for playing the Support Role

  • Bring a Palamute! Why? Because the Palamute can be made to locate Hunting Helpers and valuable herbs to restock you during the fight! Also, if you’re carrying all the stuff that I’ve recommended, your inventory will probably be FULL from the get-go! The Palamute lets you hold some additional resources in its bag. You can also consume a lot of items to buff and heal the team while riding your Palamute! A doc never leaves home without his fluffy ambulance!
  • Why not bring a Palico? It’s got traps and can deal out status effects! Yes, a Gatherer-type palico excels at these things, but keep in mind that there’s a diminishing return on status effects and traps. It’s why having only one team member focused on disrupting the monster seems to work best. You don’t need a Palico! YOU’RE THE PALICO!
  • As soon as people are in one place, I deliver my four mushroommancer buffs (Purple, Yellow, Green and Red) and my two buff shots. (Armor / Demon)
  • Healing always takes priority over everything else.
  • Buffs come second.
  • If people can avoid taking damage, then for the rest of the mission I’m dishing out status effects and traps in order to turn the monster into a punching bag for my team.
  • If someone takes a hit, I heal them and it’s back to statusing the monster.
  • Light bowgunners have access to the Mech Ironsilk Shot skill. This skill actually does decent damage, but more importantly, it causes Silkbind damage that can proc a Riding status ailment on the monster.
  • Mech Ironsilk shots sometimes leave glowing spiny pods on the monster that do additional damage from followup attacks and increase the chance of part-breaks.
  • If you’re not healing, buffing or dealing status attacks, you can spam Mech Ironsilk.
  • On Afflicted Monsters, spamming enough Mech Ironsilk shots onto parts of the monsters surrounded by glowing sparkles can cause them to blow up and deal like, 1000+ damage.
  • Breaking these glowing, sparkly spots can prevent the monster from doing one of those devastating anomaly explosions.
  • Always look for ways to maximize the damage uptime of your team and give them an edge in the fight.
  • Never take your eyes off the monster.


Written by moat

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