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Fallout: New Vegas All types of courier 1 - steamsplay.com
Fallout: New Vegas All types of courier 1 - steamsplay.com

This guide is to inform newer players on the many fans who play Fallout: New Vegas and how you should approach them.
A lot of statements I will make will be broad and usually are stereotypes, these are not definitive nor backed by any Political or Psychological sciences. I am neither of these professions, I am a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ on the internet.

NCR-Aligned Couriers

Mainly new to the game, probably have already seen the NCR and found them as definitive good guys compared to the other bad guys of the Wasteland. While they are naive they’re decent people and are honestly the most inoffensive and pretty basic fans of the series. And that’s alright.

Legion Aligned Couriers

People who either watched Schizo Elijah or are usually neckbeards, attempting to justify very horrible acts with ‘It’s to bring law’. If you see someone who supports the legion, report them to a Federal Investigator just to see how many wacky extremist political ideologies they subscribe to.

House Aligned Couriers

Usually the bunch that have played the game for a while and know about the 3rd ending, House’s, they’re a mix between Yes Man’s and Legion’s fanbase (Yes Man I will get into in a bit) where usually they will affirm House is the best option. However, the argument for house is, a lot more valid due to his speeches about the future and bringing mankind to space, either that or without choosing Yes Man they’d in the end choose House by proxy of both the Legion and NCR to them being terrible options.

Yes Man Aligned Couriers

These people either see that there isn’t a truly good ruling authority in the wasteland, attempting to keep the influence of these outer forces away in an attempt to build a better society. While Yes Man’s ending is vague due to the fact that you, the player, gain control, means that there could be a lot of decisions or ideals one holds them self by.
Or they just kill everyone, which is also understandable.

Enclave Fans

They support a fascist ideology, enough said.

Written by Captain_KYS

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