Fallout: New Vegas All Characters Best Stats

Fallout: New Vegas All Characters Best Stats 1 - steamsplay.com
Fallout: New Vegas All Characters Best Stats 1 - steamsplay.com

Fallout: New Vegas has a variety of abilities, each of which is superior to the others. It’s critical to understand which skills you have in order to avoid wasting your level-up points on a weapon or Barter skill that you’ll never use.

Rather than going in chronological order, I’ll divide the skills into two categories: Utility Skills and Weapon Skills. Utility Skills will be subdivided as well, but I’ll start with weapons.


Weapon Skills

Guns. Energy Weapons. Explosives. Melee Weapons.

In almost all situations, you should choose only one of the five skills to level. All five types of weapon are available at the beginning of the game, and they all are almost equally viable. You can only have one weapon so it’s not worth spreading your points. You can only choose one weapon at a time, so make sure it is one of your three tag abilities and that you use that weapon type the entire game.

Important points to be aware of:

Guns is the most versatile and has the most options. It’s probably the best choice for a first time playthrough, or perhaps even for playing in general.

Explosives has an effect on how much damage is dealt by grenades or mines. However, it’s not worth leveling if the weapon skill you’re using is another and you’re using the grenades in support of groups of enemies. Explosives should not be used if you are planning to use the Grenade Rifle in your main weapon.

Unarmed and Melee Weapons share a lot in common, but some of these perks require Melee Weapons Skill while still affecting Unarmed Weapons or vice versa. The Slayer perk can only be used if you play vanilla New Vegas. It requires Unarmed skill 90, even though it affects all Melee Weapons. This means that you won’t be able to access this useful perk if you only use Melee or never invest in unarmed. This issue can be fixed with a mod. This issue will be fixed if Viva New Vegas follows you.

Utility Skills

Speech, Bartering Medicine, Survival. Repair. Science. Lockpick.

The first group is Medicine and Survival. These are your two choices for healing in New Vegas. Both can affect the health you receive from stimpaks, and food. You should pick one of these skills and stick to it in most cases. This will maximize your effectiveness when healing. You should tag one skill, just as you would for weapons. (Use the third tag skill of one of your Utility Skills to tag another. Medicine is undoubtedly more effective in vanilla games. Hardcore mode swings Survival in the favor of Survival, but if Survival isn’t your thing then there’s no reason to use Survival except for roleplaying.

Lockpick and Science make up the second group. They are both used to hack into otherwise inaccessible areas. Science is responsible for hacking. Usually, you’ll find that the Hacking level of the Lockpick level is one lower than the Hard locked door. It’s like a Hard lock door with an Average terminal to unlock it. Science is the preferred choice. However, you will find that there are many doors and locked containers that don’t have the corresponding terminal so it’s balanced. Science has many uses other than hacking. There are skill check in a lot of quests and workbench mechanics. Science is definitely better than hacking, but it’s quite annoying to have to pass locked doors and safes where there is no terminal nearby. The first group is the best, so you should choose one or the other to invest.

Barter and Repair are third groups. Although it might seem odd at first, once you get used to the game, you will understand. The bottom line is that New Vegas’ economy is in crisis. You can sell your weapons to the highest bidder for thousands of coins if you simply collect the higher-tier weapons from your enemies. The high price of weapons makes it very easy to get money in this game. The Barter skill is now invalid. It can only be used for niche dialogue checks such as the one found in Talent Pool to gain the Mysterious Magnum. Most Barter checks will only get you 100 additional caps for a quest rewards, which is nothing in comparison to the 2000-caps worth of gear you’ll get from clearing out a random cavern. Barter sucks never use it. You can also repair, which has many other usefulness than just making money.

Miscellaneous skills: Speech, Sneak.

Sneaky is a good thing if you want sneaky. If you’re interested in this combat style, it is worth investing in. If not, don’t.

This game makes speech ridiculously common. Nearly all quests include at least one Speech check. Most of them have many. Speech can be used to help you get the best possible outcome in a lot quests. It will also give you additional rewards, more chances, and more information. It’s almost as a 6th weapons skill that you can use for de-escalation in any situation. It’s so good that many people tag Speech on every playthrough without even realizing it.


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