Fallout: New Vegas How to open the Pip Boy

Fallout: New Vegas How to open the Pip Boy 1 - steamsplay.com
Fallout: New Vegas How to open the Pip Boy 1 - steamsplay.com
The Pip Boy is one of the usefull secret feature in the game.


Launch the game.

The first things to do is to launch the game. For that you need 3 things. 
1. A computer. 
2. Fallout New Vegas. 
3. Hands. 
If you don’t have any, you could easily borrow one to a friends. If you don’t don’t have friends, buy one. 
You may need to use something called “electricity”, and it might increase your bill. Sorry about that 
First off, click on the button on the computer, if everything is set correctly, it should boot. If not your screwed, blame your friend. 
Once its boot, search the icon of the game. Use your newly acquired hand to move the mouse ON the icon. 
Now,and i need you to pay attention to this because its really tricky, you need to click TWICE on the icon. Not once, not thrice… Twice. You need to do it fast, otherwise it will not work. I know its hard but you just have to Git Gud. 
If you failed, the icon goes blue. Yeah i know, its f*cking scary, but its harmless don’t worry. 
If you Manage to do all of this, then the game launch. 

Open the Pip Boy

There you are, your game is launched. For the next steps you need : 
1. A keyboard 
2. Fingers 
Normaly, your hand used in the previous section should have fingers, otherwise its strange. Buy a keyboard, its simple. 
Now you have to use your mouse to get in the game, click on “Launch” or something like that, its usally the standard procedure. 
Now create your character. You have to know somethings though. You can’t create a beautifull character. He always will look like a big piece of garbage. Now that your aware of that, we can move on. 
Once the character is created, ignore the tutorial, your a Pr0-G@m3r, you don’t need this. 
Now that your out of Doc Mitchel house, you can now open the Pip Boy. 
For that, you just need to push one key. But nobody know what it is. Some crazy people talk about a mysterious way to know and change your key, but let me tell you something. 
1. There is no proof that can confirm is existence. 
2. Those people certainly think the earth is flat, so why should we listen to them ? 
3. No Pr0-G@m3r would use this miserable, filthy, noobies way of play. 
Now that we clarify that, lets get to the final step. 
Once your outside,you have to find the key. 
Just try them all bye 

Written by Droll Ermapas

Here we come to an end for Fallout: New Vegas How to open the Pip Boy hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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