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A brief guide to who/what you should bring to the final Dungeon, and what resistance you can expect.

General Tips

Warning! It is obvious that this guide will spoil the ending of the dungeon.
General tips are anything that applies to all four levels in the Darkest Dungeon DD1-DD4 –
– Heroes brought to DD are not allowed to return to it unless you are on Radiant (easiest level) difficulty). (If you see a white light behind your skull, it means that you are on radiant.) Radiant: It's not worth it. Heroes who return to the DD have a lot of stress, so they can't roll a virtue.
Unless they are the last remaining member of your party at the time, fleeing a DD mission will cause one of your heroes to be killed randomly.
DD missions always follow the same pre-scripted layout. You can find maps online.
– Complete a DD mission successfully and all heroes in your list will be at 0 stress, even those who were not on the mission.
– No shovels are required in any DD missions.


Types of Enemy: Eldritch, Human
Expect lots of stress and bleeds
Possible team composition (right)
– Man at arms: Stuns or guards can help to manage the damage you inflict on fights
Crusader: Stress heals and damage output. Stuns can be used to counter most threats.
Occultist – Heals, weakens and damages. This is an easy way to win fights.
Plague Doctor: She cures DoT (, does large stuns, and deals reliable damage to her blight.
– This mission is the most straightforward and offers tons of possibilities for team compositions beyond what I have listed.
– The boss at final always has a support team of cultists. If you kill it he will summon a stronger minion that can be more difficult to handle. Depending on your team, you might find it worthwhile to focus on the boss instead of the cultist.


Enemy types: Eldritch and Beast
Expect more bleeds and blight. More stress. Three tough boss encounters you will need to endure, which will almost certainly require your heroes wearing Talisman of the Flame trinkets
Possible team composition
– Man At Arms: Controls fight as in DD1, but can also defend your hero if he lacks a Talisman of The Flame
Highwayman: To fend off the very difficult fights ahead, huge damage and bleeds are a great help
Jester: Stress heals will increase your longevity. His buffs and bleedings are great for combats ahead.
– Vestal: To survive the sheer number fights ahead, it will almost be necessary to use stuns and heals
– The bosses of this group have an attack that will cause massive (, which is 50+) stress/health damage to any hero without the Talisman of the Flame. Make sure that you have all three and that one of your heroes can protect the one without one.
– The map has three major fights at each corner. Start at the middle of the triangle. You should return to the triangle's center after each major fight to avoid repeating yourself.
– You will have 2 chances to camp. You should plan to camp during boss fights. This will allow you to recover from them and prepare to fight the next one.


Types of Enemy: Eldritch, Beast
What to expect: A boss enemy summons an assistant minion and repeats the encounter. If the minion cannot be killed quickly, it will teleport your out of the fight. The map is mazelike. You should be able handle these fights quickly enough that you don't get teleported.
Possible party composition
– Hellion. The iron swan has a large backline reach and can be used to quickly eliminate the teleporting minions. Her damage is generally very helpful, as well as her stun. She can also self-heal in a pinch.
– Shieldbreaker. Her reach and damage help her quickly defeat the teleporting minion
– Houndmaster. His reach with the main attack one helps tremendously with hitting minions. His self healing also relieves pressure on your healer. He can also defend any teammate who gets particularly low.
Plague Doctor: Her plague weapon is extremely useful for quickly killing the minion and taking down the main boss. She can also heal your party with her double stun.
– Your strategy should be to kill the backline minon before it can act.
Ideally, you should only be able to defeat the backline minion by using 1 or 2 of your heroes. The rest can focus on the main boss.
To avoid unnecessary fights, an online map is especially helpful. As a rule, the exit tile should be to the right and down relative to the starting tile.


This is the final boss battle. He isn't nearly as difficult as previous DD missions and acts more like a story element.
Phase 1: Wait until imperfect copies are made and then kill them. You should aim to kill at most one copy per round in order to keep the boss busy summoning.
Phase 2: Straightforward fight
Phase 3: Heal during heart fight. You can hit it to speed this phase up, but it will blight.
Phase 4: Be prepared to lose some members of your party. Your party should have 2 of its 4 heroes to win the fight. You can skip this phase with some crazy compositions.


This is because I kept referring back on this reddit posting whenever I needed a refresher about what the DD holds.
https://www.reddit.com/r/darkestdungeon/comments/48srw1/the_darkest_dungeon_final_levels_tips/d0m90ah/ – [reddit.com]
Huge shoutout to /u/drakir89 and their team comps and pointers!


Written by PKPenguin

Here we come to an end for Darkest Dungeon® Last Dungeon Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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