Dead by Daylight Outbreak Breakout Achievement Unlocked

Dead by Daylight Outbreak Breakout Achievement Unlocked 1 -
Dead by Daylight Outbreak Breakout Achievement Unlocked 1 -

Just a guide to help you make this grindy achievement.

The Outbreak Breakout guide makes things a lot easier

Let's start with the basics. This is the Build
I used (Yes, I was in the single queue Thank you for everything since my friends were working and couldn’t do it with SWF 17Y
1 sole survivor
2 Wake up
3 Resilience
4 help others get out of their way


I personally used the RPD tokens for the map, as i had enough with presetting all my survivors. This can be used on normal runs but it will take so many times to get RPD!
Now If all are present, it will give you an 84% boost Opening doors(is still 75% more than opening), even if you are not injured. This is huge despite speedy killers running from door to doorstep.
If you are the last person to live

Let killer close to the hatch
The noise alone will make a lot noise from the endgame collapse and this makes an enormous difference.
The front door was my favorite for most escapes. I chose this door because it has a nice hiding place, which i'll explain in a second, and because it is easier to get to without maze running. I know at this stage that many of us still get lost, but there's nothing i can change.
If you're facing inside RPD to right, the long hallway is located near the front doors Just past the first Arch Are
Two bushes, and usually a hook
You can hide in this spot and not be noticed. The front door is much easier to open(. A screen shot will be posted once i get back to the game tonight)
last but certainly not least
Don't rush to open a door 9 out of 10 killers will be there in no time so let them check the doors and then leave. When they return with the boost, one of the doors will be open and you'll be on your way.
While there are many other factors to consider to get there like unhooks and healings, chases, etc., it is important to be smart when running.


Written by Deitric

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