Darkest Dungeon® Solution for Trinkets Overflow – Modding Config

Darkest Dungeon® Solution for Trinkets Overflow – Modding Config 1 - steamsplay.com
Darkest Dungeon® Solution for Trinkets Overflow – Modding Config 1 - steamsplay.com

(One of possible reasons your modded game crashes during first loading)

Noticed plenty of folk have problem with it so here im gonna leave quite weird solution to problem of trinkets overflow which doesn’t require turning off mods.

A great solution for incurable hoarders such as myself :^>

Preface(And warning)

Warning: English is not my first language, and for various reason i cant at this time write this guide 100% right grammacally. I just want to give folk a solution to this problem and that it. Hope you understand.

So ive noticed plenty of folk in various mod comments to complain about such problem without knowing what it is – game crashing on initial loading and only working once some mods are turned off, without actual difference which mods are turned off, which is most likely caused by trinket overflow and so this guide addresses such problem where i try to give valiable solution that doesn’t require to turn off mod altogether.

Sane solution

So when writing this ive got an idea I don’t know how I didn’t come to before and much better than whatever crap I’ve wanted to give you as “PHYCO” solution.

Solution is quite simple actually, we copy trinkets files from mods of our choosing and paste them into mod folder specifically made for our purposes, edit them and then put it in mod order above all mods that it affect.

As for example will use the full release of Here Be Monsters which was one ive first used such solutions for. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2433996706 – [steamcommunity.com]

So first we create a folder for our mod in base game folder… My guess would be that anyone whos reading this is knowledgeable enough and can make it on their own, but just in case I will leave a premade folder here, placed in a zip file – [dropbox.com]  .

So after that we open mod we wish to edit inside of our workshop folder, in case someone don’t know yet the name of mod folder is “id” in its mod page link. Then we open trinkets folder, we see three files

Darkest Dungeon® Solution for Trinkets Overflow - Modding Config - Sane solution - 98A3AF8

Only file we’re interested in ends with *entries.trinkets. We should copy it into “trinkets” folder of our “fix” mod.

Now we open that copied file and delete all trinkets we deem unneeded.

The bits of code of each separate trinket look like in this example.

 "id" : "big_beef",
 "buffs" : 
 "set_id" : "beef_loot",
 "rarity" : "meat",
 "price" : 10000,
 "limit" : 1,
 "origin_dungeon" : "meat_mine"

Our goal here is to lower the number of trinkets enough so we dont get overflow and crash the game on load screen so most likely you will have to edit more than single mod. Be warned it would be best to NOT edit mods that are in active development(like currently Vermintide mod). As these may get some revisions of trinkets stats or such and so your “fixes” may conflic with these. Also better get rid of any trinkets you have in inventory and wish to delete, as it might cause slight errors.

After we’re done its as easy as placing the “fix” mod high enough in mod list so its above all mods that are affected by it like in this example.

Darkest Dungeon® Solution for Trinkets Overflow - Modding Config - Sane solution - EDA1160

HOORAY, after all that if we deleted enough trinkets game should no longer crash and now we have more space for other mods! So that way you, an incurable mod hoarder not unlike myself can gather double if not tripple as much mods for your ULTIMATE RUN. You determine your own fun, and i hope this solution did helped you in that.

Fair bit of warning or why I’m getting errors during a loading?

So far i know only of one scenario why this would happen – enemy loot table calls to trinket you just deleted. So for that we go into “loot” folder of mod, copy it into our “fix” mod and then delete bits of code that calls for them. Here an example from Here Be Monsters.

 "id" : "HH_KNIGHT",
 "difficulty" : 0,
 "dungeon" : "",
 "entries" :
 { "type" : "nothing", "chances" : 4, "data" : { }},
 { "type" : "item", "chances" : 1, "data" : { "type" : "trinket", "id" : "HH_boss_skull", "amount" : 1 }}

So if we deleted “HH_boss_skull” trinket we just have to delete line of code that calls for it, so here we delete { “type” : “item”, “chances” : 1, “data” : { “type” : “trinket”, “id” : “HH_boss_skull”, “amount” : 1 }} . And so we do with each trinket we deleted and is dropped by enemies. This process might be hard with big mods such as Here be monsters or others, but is necessary if you don’t like idea of pressing Esc once to bypass such errors each time you load a save. Even if you miss one, game will tell you which ones you missed in error message which you can use to pinpoint the line of code you missed.

There is also a chance to get such error if you delete trinket that are given as reward for modded quests(like trophy), but i doubt anyone would delete those so i wont cover this, my guess you just have to edit the quest file to not give out that trinket.


There wont be phsycho solution, I’ve lied, plans changed, it was so stupid and time consuming it doesn’t make any sense compared to just making it as mod. What i did is just create “fix” folder where i stored all files ive changed and created a CMD script that would copy and paste them into mod folders. This would require me to run “fix” script each time any of mods get updated, while with mod solution its doing the same thing but you dont have to press button each time.

But i will keep the same name and pic cuz i like em :^> tho perhaps some would call it phyco to even bother editing mods to your own liking, cuz mods are not made for our own fun


I really do hope this was helpful in any way possible and reached those who have problems with overflow.

If i did missed something or got something wrong notify me of it in comments and i will add it to the guide.

Have fun hoarding more and more mods. :^>

Written by Genlis_Tin

Hope you enjoy the post for Darkest Dungeon® Solution for Trinkets Overflow – Modding Config, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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