BONELAB Campaign Guide

BONELAB Campaign Guide 1 -
BONELAB Campaign Guide 1 -

How to continue the campaign if you fall down the elevator.

The Guide

One thing is certain, the map in the BONELAB near the elevator will also tell what you should do, but it's a bit vague.
1. You can play any three of the six mini-games in BONELAB when your first visit is made.
2. After you have completed this, you can go to the center and find a staircase that leads to a generator.
3. Then, place the two batteries in the generator.
4. Use the "crane", to place the three core keys in their respective slots. You can see which ones are available by looking up at the sky (.
4a. Tip for using the crane: The button turns on the magnet, the left lever is up-down, and the right lever is directional.
5. Pass through the Quarantine entrance.
6. ?? ?
7. Profit.
You can also grab the ball with both hands if you are unable to figure out how to get it collectible.
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