Hololive ERROR How to get all endings

Hololive ERROR How to get all endings 1 - steamsplay.com
Hololive ERROR How to get all endings 1 - steamsplay.com

Because this game doesn't really give you many clues as to how to get the endings, I created this guide. These may contain minor spoilers. However, if you are reading this guide, it is because you don’t mind them.
Note: All of these were done by me and I guarantee that they work as intended.
Credits – This guide was compiled from information found on the forums.

Ending 1

  • Start a brand new game
  • Chapter 4, when you enter bloody school, move forward to the arts room
  • Chapter 5: The scary guy should be standing in the corner.
  • Chapter 6, Don't ignore Yuka. The game will fade to black.
  • Chapter 7, The man should attack the woman on the bed

(Note: You may miss some collectibles. It is better to not get them all)

Ending 2

  • Start a brand new game
  • In Chapter 4, you will enter the bloody schools. Go forward to the door of the art room.
  • Chapter 5 should show the scary man standing in the corner.
  • After Yuka's cutscene in Chapter 6, grab the note she will take after she disappears.
  • Chapter 7 should show Shino/Sora sitting on the chair. But, if she disappears from the chair, no picture should ever be taken.

(Note: You may miss some collectibles. It is better to not get them all)

Ending 3

-Start new games
-Collect, Examine and Examine EVERYTHING
-In Chapter 4, don’t go to art room. Instead, follow the righ pathway that leads to the hallway. (, remember to return to Shino/Sora’s note in chair where ghost girl appeared).
-Chapter 5: Shino/Sora should be in a corner of the room
-In Chapter 6, Take Yuka's note
-Chapter 7 -Shino/Sora should sit in the chair and leave behind an image when she disappears

Ending 3:

1. Notice the greenboard in the school area.
2. Shino's Note: After exiting the radio room (, you will be taken to the) room where you will find a flashlight. You need to return to the right once you exit the room. Shino will disappear leaving behind the note.
3. Bloody rain path. When you exit the room to choose your paths, just return to the room. Shino will sit on the chair that the female ghost is sitting on. Walk towards her and she will disappear.
4. Yuka's note, (Purple/Pink cat ears girl). At the end of chapter 6, Yuka can be walked to while she is still sitting. She will remove the note from the chair.


Written by Redzone

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