BONELAB Downloading Mods Tutorial

BONELAB Downloading Mods Tutorial 1 -
BONELAB Downloading Mods Tutorial 1 -

After you have completed the game, The game begins at a structure in the white void. The link is located on this structure – []. This link will take you to the modding discord.

Download Mods

  • To open the run box, press win + R. Type %appdata% like you're 12, and start modding Minecraft). Hit enter.
  • You'll be one folder too deep. So at the top, it should read

  • To create a folder, click on the word "appdata".
  • Double-click LocalLow. Inside this folder you should find the Stress Level Zero folder. Within that folder, you will find the BONELAB folder.
  • With a notepad, open the repository.txt folder within this folder
  • Add the URL
  - [] 

    to a brand new line. (, you can also add the URL
  - [] 

    Access to NSFW 18+ mods is available by).)

  • Save your changes by pressing Ctrl+ S, and then open bonelab

You should now see a list of mods at the mod station in 02 Bonelab Hub.

Manual Download

If you prefer downloading mods manually to installing them in-game, you can find them here – []
Then, put the mods you have downloaded in

\AppData\LocalLow\Stress Level Zero\BONELAB\Mods



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