BONELAB How to Search Mod in Game?

BONELAB How to Search Mod in Game? 1 -
BONELAB How to Search Mod in Game? 1 -

How to submit mods

How to locate mods

After the game is completed, you will forever spawn in the white area.
You can find a link at the bottom of the main menu screen.
After completing this, you will receive an invitation to join the official SLZ Discord Server called Lava gang.
There are tutorials for creating avatar models and a link that will take you to a site where you can upload/download character models and spawnables.
I hope it helped.
Here's a link to the mod website in case you're feeling lazy.
(but please make it yourself, it's a better experience. – []
You cannot invite to the Discord server. Invites are disabled
(, because SLZ believed mods should only ever be used after the campaign has been completed)


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